How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog – Add your Blog to Bing

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Are you a Blog owner looking to get more visitors to read and view your Blog? If so, then adding your Blog to Bing and the Bing library at is one easy to do marketing task that could benefit your Blog tremendously. And best of all, to add your Blog to Bing, literally takes only a few seconds.

Why Add your Blog to Bing?

Adding your Blog to Bing is one of the easiest and most simple marketing tactics that you can use in an attempt to increase your page views and bring more visitors to your Blog.

Cost to Add your Blog to Bing?

Adding your Blog to Bing is absolutely free! Nothing beats free marketing.

How to Add your Blog to Bing?

If you have decided that adding your Blog to Bing seems worthwhile for you, then here are the quick and easy steps to add your Blog to Bing.

1. Go to the Bing website at

2. Once at Bing, click on the “EXPLORE” button on the left side of the screen

3. After clicking on the EXPLORE button, you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page, and under the “Build your Bing Toolbox” headline section, you will want to select “Webmaster Center”

4. After clicking on the “Webmaster Center” button, you will see 3 tabbed options under the Webmaster Tools headline.

5. Click on “Submit a site to Bing”

6. Then type in your Blog website URL of the homepage (easier if you just copy and paste your Blog URL)

7. Finally, click “Submit URL”

If you do not want to manually work your way through the Bing website to add your Blog website URL to Bing, then you can simply click on the links below and they will take you directly to the Bing URL Submission page.

Links to Add your Blog to Bing:

Submit your Site to Bing:

Bing Webmaster Tools:

This webmaster tools link is great for more experienced bloggers and website owners who wish to submit a sitemap to Bing.

After successfully adding your Blog website and URL to Bing, Bing will index pages on your Blog for content. This means that when visitors type in a search on the Bing search engine, your Blog website will be included in that search. If your Blog meets the search criteria for that specific visitors search, your Blog website and URL link will appear on the results page, so that the visitor can find and view your Blog.

Hopefully this helps you bring more visitors to your Blog. Happy Blogging!


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