Shortage of jobs

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There are many shortages of jobs in America now days. I believe that we are going into another depression if we are not careful.

Today many people have been let go from work, because of many reasons. One reason would be not enough money to pay every worker what they deserve. Since the economy is going bad there has not been a lot of money going through to help bosses keep their regulars which is very horrible. Many bosses had to either cut hours or let workers go entirely. When they let them go they clam what is called workers composition.

Workers composition is an um employment check that many employees receive when they are not working. This is not a very big check though. The workers receive less then what they really want or have earned. To be honest it is also hard to keep that money going for the way everything is with the economy.

I hope that Obama can still make a lot of changes and help us. Honest to say the people have to help the president more than he helps us. I hope that everyone can pitch in and help President Obama while he is helping our country the best way he can. He has my support and I hope that he has the support of many other people in America today.

There is a lot to do for America and it will take all of us to do it. Help your economy and Obama.


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