Yakult’s Strange Supplement Drink

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Yakult’s Strange Supplement Drink

Mr Ghaz, January 4, 2009

Yakult’s Strange Supplement Drink

Yakult is a pro – biotic drink from Japan. The Japanese physician and microbiologist, Dr. Minoru Shirota, who was convinced that a natural method of boosting intestinal health and protecting people from disease must exist, and set out to find it.

Miracle findings

Dr. Minoru research led him to a strain of good bacteria, which is today called the Lactobacillus. It was used to produce an appetizing cultured milk drink and the first bottle of Yakult hit the shelves in Japan in 1935. Today, Yakult is consumed daily by twenty six million people in thirty countries.

Supplementing our diet with Yakult stops the growth of harmful bacteria, protects us from infection, helps digestion and absorption of food, produces vitamins and stimulates the immune system.

Yakult is beneficial for everyone – from three month old babies to the elderly. The natural intestinal flora of babies below the age of three months are not yet matured, so this drink is not suitable for them. Yakult’s consumers are those who are concerned about their health and discerning about quality.

The science of pro – biotic

Pro – Biotic are live, good bacteria, which when consumed in sufficiently high numbers can improve the balance of our intestinal flora. There are more than four hundred types of microorganisms in the intestine. Some of these bacteria are good for your health, many are harmless, and others are downright bad.

To stay healthy, we need a balance where the good bacteria outnumber the harmful bacteria. Stress, an unbalanced diet, medications, inflections and the aging process can all upset our intestinal balance, exposing us to problems like constipation, diarrhea and a weak immune system. Long – term, we could more prone cancer.

To help our intestinal health, the bacteria have to withstand our stomach acid and bile and reach our intestines alive. Most Bacteria in food are neutralized in our stomachs. Yakult founder’s years of research pinpointed the Dr. Minoru strain as one of the strongest strains of lactobacillus, with a very high survival rate in the stomach.

Once it reaches the intestines, it multiples and produces lactic acid, which reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Yakult – Promote intestinal health

Yakult contains one of the highest concentrations of good bacteria among pro – biotic drinks – more than thirty billion in each bottle. There are more than two hundred and fifty scientists currently working on new applications of Yakult’s beneficial bacteria.

The drink’s high quality ingredients are sourced from around the world. Yakult’s strain comes from the mother culture in Japan, as well as the vitamins and calcium.


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