Holidays around the world

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Holidays around the world

Mr Ghaz, January 4, 2009

Holidays around the world

Holiday around the world is the most wonderful exciting memories ever had, and many people are still waiting to get this great memory to come in their life. Nowadays, people who travel are looking for new destinations or new experiences.

Favorite destination for traveler

Most of the travelers vacation outside the country once or twice a year. The most popular holiday destination is Asia Pacific. They will choose a country in this region for their next holiday.

Forty percent of the total travelers hope to lead to Australia on holiday, a quarter will travel China and another quarter will go to New Zealand. Two-thirds of the travelers say they will venture beyond Asia, with the majority of these naming Europe as their intended destination.

Appetite for the new traveler

About two-thirds of travelers say their quest for a new experience of the major influence in their choice of destination. Almost eighty percent say cost tempers their final decision.

With the emergence of the budget carrier, we will see more Asian people travelling in small groups to places like Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok and Bali. It is so interesting to see that much people are prepared to give up for a cheaper ticket-meals, some of their baggage allowance and so fourth.

The travelers are happy with less service than more and most of them go on holiday to sightsee or for the culture fixes: their desire to appreciate nature figures highly in their choice of destination.

The travel agencies say that package holidays are becoming less popular as people become more adventurous, cut their ties with travel agents and make their own travel arrangement.

Thailand is fast becoming a premier destination for health and wellness. Enjoy a combination of traditional practices and cutting-edge procedures at day spas, medical spas, clinics

Wonderful destinations

Thailand is the ideal place for a short haul holiday or weekend getaway.

Thailand prides itself on its Seven Amazing Wonders; Thailand People, Treasures, Beaches, Nature, Health, and Wellness. What’s New and Festivals? These categories represent the key attractions for visitors to the kingdom. Wherever you go in Thailand, you will be met with warmth, courtesy and a distinctive Thailand people, which will leave you with indelible memories.

Thailand’s beaches are never-ending stretches of palm-fringed, white sands lapped by warm, blue water. Scuba diving is among the Andaman Sea’s glorious marine life at Phucket, Ko Phi Phi and Ko Samui. Try night- time wreck diving off Pattaya. Go snorkeling, fishing, speed boating, yachting, water skiing, parasailing and windsurfing.

For more outdoor adventures, head to the rugged terrain of northern Thailand, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are the places for mountain biking, trekking, rafting and elephant riding.

Thailand is fast becoming a premier destination for health and wellness. Enjoy a combination of traditional practices and cutting-edge procedures at day spas, medical spas, clinics and hospitals as prime locations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi.

There are many things to see and do in the city as well. Bangkok, with its penchant for the latest trends, has some of Asia’s richest nightlife including an exhaustive selection of restaurants and nightclubs.

No matter when you visit, there will always be something to celebrate. Examples include the Songkran water festival to mark the Thai New Year on April 13-15 and the seven hundred year old Loy Krathong Festival of Lights on November 12. Lastly come to join the celebrations of the King’s birthday on December 5 or be part of the raucous countdown to New Year.

Safe money while enjoying holidays

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