How to Get Better Results Using a Breast Pump

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Step 1 Relax. Just like breastfeeding your baby, you need to be relaxed to allow your milk to be released. How could you not? You are providing your baby with the most unique and perfect food possible.

Step 2 While your nipple is inside the suction tube, observe it’s exact placement. Is it in the center? Is it rubbing the top of the the tube? Every couple of minutes take your breast out of the suction tube and give your nipple a quick squeeze. Place your nipple back inside but a little more to the right or left. Try letting your nipple rub the top or point down in the suction tube . By doing this, it allows other mammary glands to be pulled on which means more milk at the bottom of the bottle!

Step 3 While the suction is going, massage your breast all over. Feel for swollen glands and give them a gently squeeze. Take a little breather from the machine and pull your breast out. Massage the areola with your middle finger and thumb while squeezing towards your nipple. Aim for the bottle– every drop counts!

Step 4 When pumping, milk ends up all over the breasts. Pull out your breast from the cup and allow the milk to drop into the bottle. Again, every drop counts!

Step 5 If you need to…using Lansinoh (nipple cream) when you are done is very helpful. It helps relieve some of the soreness. If you do not want to use any nipple creams, there is a trick that you can do… Even after you think you are dried out from pumping, you are not. You never have no milk left in your ducts. Give your areola a gently squeeze and release a couple of drops of milk onto your fingers. Rub the milk on the tip of your nipple.

Your milk is the most amazing thing in the world. It will help your nipple heal from the pump.


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