How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely While Breastfeeding

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Wake up in the morning and put on your work-out clothes right away. Take a shower at the end of the day. Make sure your sneakers are on. It puts you on work-out mode and motivates you. Go about your day as you normally do, except now, stop snacking on everything you see in the kitchen. Do not plan on sitting down for a while rounded “diet” breakfast. You do not have time for that. Stay standing and on the go. Eat as many citrus fruits as you want first thing in the morning.

Skip the coffee. Caffeine works the metabolism–true, but it is no good for your nursing baby. The natural sugars in the fruit will be sufficient enough. Have a slice of whole grain bread. Begin your own personal water drinking contest. The title of this article says, “without dieting.” This is not a diet, just a healthier way to live. Keep a log of what you eat during the day. Your log should have the date, “item,” “serving,” “calories,” “fat,” “cholesterol,” and “water.” Look at labels and their suggested serving size. Stick to it. At the top of the log, write your total number of calories for the day. Mine was 1000. You are not supposed to drop under 1200-1500, but I did. In your log, tally the cups of water you drink a day.

Force yourself to drink water all day. My goal was two gallons a day–it was hard, but it worked for me. Because you are in work-out clothes, do not get afraid to get dirty. Clean up your home during two minute down times. While walking around the house, cleaning and organizing, use your whole body. Stretch forward, run instead of walking, run up the stairs instead of walking. Remember to hold in your stomach all day. This helps tighten your muscles in the long-run. Keep your back straight–it uses more calories to keep it upright. Do not allow yourself to get hungry.

Every time you think you need to snack drink more water. If you need a snack, grab a handful of baby carrots. A good thing to do is clean all your snacking veggies at eye level in the fridge. Make sure it is clean before putting it away. Throw away all the foods that make you fat. Toss all oils except olive oil. Some mothers have the excuse that they need that junk food in the house for their children. If you think that way, you are not ready. Your children should not be eating that junk either! If your husband is not dieting with you, he should be eating healthy with you.

There is no excuse for food in the house that will make you weak. NAP TIME! If you have more than one child, try to get them to nap at the same time. You will be able to figure it out. If your toddler or kid is too old for a nap, still send your newborn to nap at the same time everyday. At that nap time, have your toddler have “quiet time.” You can put on a movie or crayons out for him/her. Now, at this time everyday, you need to promise yourself that nothing else is more important than exercising. A healthy body is a healthier mind and a happier home. You are doing this for yourself, your spouse and your children. Nothing else is more important. The dishes can stay dirty for a few more minutes.

The laundry can be done later. Never trade the nap time to do anything else around the house. Remember, your sneakers have been on all day. So you are ready. At this time of the day, you are probably stressed out already. Get your frustrations out on the treadmill, the elliptical, on the floor, whatever you have. Run in place if you do not have the space. There are no excuses! Just do it! Cardio is the key. Get at least a half hour of straight cardio. That means, keep your heart rate pumping for a whole 30 minutes straight. No breaks. So you are tightening your stomach muscles all day, and keeping your back straight, eating healthy, and drinking at least one gallon a day, what about the body toning? While your babies are toddling around, lay down next to them or in their play area and do crunches.

Do squats, push-ups, whatever you can. Count out loud. Let your children see you exercising. Your children will hear you counting and exercising–two lessons while gaining abs! Remember, you need to do cardio. Do not just drop on the floor and do ab exercises and think you should see results. You need to get rid of your fat first! Do not invest in any fancy machines (except a treadmill or elliptical if you can). They do not work. RUNNING is the key! If you can run right away, walk! There are no excuses! If the weather permits, walk around your town or city with your children in a stroller.

You do not need to invest in a fancy jogger stroller, but it makes it a little easier. If you do not have one then you will not know the difference anyway. There are no excuses! Take the children to the park FIRST, and make them tired. Then do a very brisk walk around. Try to run if possible. Put your all into every move you make! Remember to bring your water. Drink it. Worried about having to pee while out? If you are working out hard enough, you sweat it out! It is amazing! You will not need a potty break if you sweat enough! In a nut shell: Get more raw veggies, eat fruit when you need a snack. Drink water like crazy. Cardio. Good Luck!


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