Island Paradise Facebook Game Guide and Tips

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Paradise awaits in Facebook’s Island Paradise! Live on your own tropical island, raise animals, farm your land, and best of all–steal from your neighbors! This guide will help you get started playing Facebook’s Island Paradise.

I’m having trouble loading Island Paradise.
If you’re getting a white screen when accessing Island Paradise, try clearing your browser’s cookies. Then, close the browser, re-open, and try again.

Why is there a sparkle above my animal?
The sparkle indicates that your animal is ready for harvesting.

How do I put items into storage?
Use the “blue move tool” to place items into storage. Remember, only decorative items can be stored. You cannot store animals, crops, flowers, or trees.

How many animals can I have?
The amount of animals you can have in your Island Paradise game depends on your level.  There is a cap set on how many animals you can have per level. This cap is set at 2 animals per every 5 levels.  This cap is in place for two reasons:  The animals are animated and having too many will severely lag the game, and it makes the game more challenging.

How do I sell items?
All items can be sold for coins. To sell an item, click on the item, then click on the delete tool (the red “x”).

At what levels can I expand my island?
The first island expansion unlocks at level 5, as long as you meet the 4 neighbors requirement. The second expansion also unlocks at level 5 but 6 neighbors are required. You can expand your island any time without meeting these requirements by spending Meteor Credits. As of now, there are  no other island expansions available. Island Paradise is still in its BETA stage.

What are Meteor Credits?
Just like in most Facebook games, Meteor Credits are special in-game currency earned by filling out offers or spending cash. This unlocks special items available only with Meteor Credits in Island Paradise.

How do I add more neighbors?
After you’ve exhausted your list of current Facebook friends who play Island Paradise, it’s time to start adding more. To do this, search “Island Paradise” in the Facebook search box. This will bring up groups of Island Paradise fan pages filled with people who are also looking for Island Paradise neighbors. By using this method, you’ll be adding strangers to your Facebook page, so you might want to adjust your security settings.

How do I steal from my neighbors?
When you visit a friend’s island, you can steal their crops, provided the crop is ready for harvesting.  You can harvest their crop yourself and keep the coins. You can steal crops from your friends up to three times a day.

I’m getting a “Can’t steal this” message when trying to steal from a neighbor. What is this?
You can steal only half of a neighbor’s total harvest (includes trees, animals, and crops). Once this amount is reached, the neighbor is protected and this message appaears.

How can I get Island Paradise cheat codes?
In short, Island Paradise cheat codes aren’t worth it. Beware of websites selling cheat codes for Island Paradise. Most of these “cheat codes” involve downloading a program on your computer—a risky idea as many of these scripts include a virus.

Island Paradise is a very easy game and part of the fun is in the game play journey and process of unlocking new items and crops. By using a cheat, you skip ahead of the game play enjoyment—you reach the high levels quickly, and then what?


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