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If you have 1000 followers and a 4 month old twitter account, then you really can start to think about making money with twitter now. Make money with twitter is super easy, all you need to do is to sign up with an advertising program which pays you to tweet in twitter, you will get paid by the advertiser every time you tweet the advertising tweet (Usually 100 words or little bit more) in twitter for him, or you can also let the advertiser writes the entire message for you and just tweet that message for him.

You will receive an email notice whenever there is someone who wishes to pay you to tweet for him, and if you agreed to tweet for that advertiser, you will get paid based on the price per tweet which you have set by yourself (The more famous you are in twitter, the higher you should set for your price per tweet.).

You can also make more money by referring other twitterer to join in this program, you will earn a certain percentage of his income every time he makes a tweet for the advertiser. If you refer an advertiser to join the program, then you will earn a certain percentage of his advertising spending with the program. The more twitterer and advertiser you refer, the more money you will make.

The program is using a system that will read your previous tweet in twitter and finds the kind of advertisement which is similar to your field of interest for you. It can even put you into a group based on the language you are usually using in your tweet, for example, a Japanese twitterer will only receive the advertising offers which are related to his Japanese speaking followers only.

Another way of making money online with twitter is selling the ad space of your twitter profile to the advertisers and get paid by them. This is just like selling ad space in your blog to the advertisers except that it is a lot more easy because you don’t need to write anything but just put ads on your own twitter profile page and then start earning from those ads. If you have lots of followers in twitter, you will be able to set a better price for your ad space, the price will be different for a twitterer with 10,000 followers compared to the one with only 1,000 followers, therefore, work hard to get more followers is the key to make money with this kind of business.

One of the ways to get followers from twitter is through writing article or blogging, if you get lots of readers to read your blog or articles, then you can start to turn your readers from you blog into your followers in twitter, the more famous you are in blogging, the more followers you will get in twitter. Oh and don’t forget to put one of those cool widgets from twitter in your blog so your readers will know how to follow you in twitter.

Finally, don’t set you price per tweet too high if you don’t have that many followers from twitter, 50 cents per tweet is a good start unless you can get a very high click through rate for your advertising tweet.


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