Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Ninja Class

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My brother puchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the day it was released, and I started playing it after he had already torn through it. Now, I was not a big fan of the first Modern Warfare; I typically enjoy WWII-based shooters better and think that modern warfare involves too much ducking and hi-tech equipment. Yet, even the best of us can be wrong sometimes, and I ended up liking Modern Warfare 2, but wasn’t very good at it; therefore, I created the Ninja class in the hopes that I could defeat my friends. Oh, and I did.

To create a Ninja, use the following perks:

*Marathon: This allows you to move faster and eventually scale obstacles quicker.

*Lightweight: This perk also makes you move faster, and once its pro level is achieved, makes aiming after a sprint easier.

*Commando: This perk extends your range with the combat knife; once pro level is achieved, it makes you impervious to falling damage, which is very useful for anyone running on top of buildings.

So, those are the perks that truly make the Ninja class; the combined speed from marathon and lightweight makes it incredibly fast, and when coupled with the commando perk, makes it easier for you to rush an enemy and run him through with a melee attack. However, there is an art to using the Ninja as well, for even though the perks are the important part, you must use proper weapons:

*Sniper Rifle: The exact model isn’t as important, but because the Ninja doesn’t have any perks that increase how much damage it does, you need a relatively powerful weapon. Also, since you can’t do as much damage, you don’t want to get in close gunfights with heavily-armed opponents, so you need a long-range weapon. Remember, if you’re a ninja, you want to strike first; don’t be seen.

*Machine Pistol: If you need to resort to drawing your secondary weapon (After all, a sniper rifle isn’t very good close-range), then you need something that you can draw quickly and spray multiple rounds into your opponent. A machine pistol is ideal for this because you can draw it quickly and it’s an automatic weapon; don’t worry about it not being silenced, for if you’re drawing your secondary weapon as a ninja, it means you’ve already been spotted.

*Throwing Knife? I do not use the throwing knife for the Ninja; however, if you’re proficient with it, then go right ahead. I like to sneak up on opponents and use the sticky grenades, but you can also do this with a throwing knife. The one downside to the throwing knife is the possibility that you will lose it if you miss; additionally, if you miss with it and try to retrieve it, you could be spotted and caught off-guard.

The best way to use the Ninja is to attempt as many knife kills as possible. Stay away from the hot combat zones, but sneak around buildings and alleyways; if you see an opponent with his back to you, charge him. The ninja is a poor choice for one-on-one combat because it cannot do as much damage as classes that utilize increased stopping power or other forms of increased damage; however, the knife is an automatic one-hit kill, so as long as you strike first, you will strike last.

Of course, sniping is part of the class as well. Find a hiding spot (the ability to move very quickly allows for you to get a headstart on reaching the best sniping spots on each map), wait for an enemy, take your shot, and move to another location. You do not want to give away your position/get pinned down because if you lose the element of surprise, you will find it incredibly difficult to survive.

The Ninja is great for capture the flag games. One piece of advice: always make sure that you have someone covering your exits. If you’re attacked from the back, running straight forward isn’t going to help you out at all. Still, it’s a brilliant class, and if you try it out, you’ll see why I spend so many minutes developing it.


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