Plan a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for your Non Profit Organization – Here’s How!

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If your charity, sports team, social group, or other non-profit organization needs to raise money, why not organize a pancake breakfast? Pancake breakfasts are easy to plan, often have amazing turnouts, and are a great way to raise money quickly.  Here are eight easy steps to help you and your organization plan and organize a pancake breakfast.

Plan a Pancake Breakfast Step 1: Pre-plan and establish roles:
Hold a meeting with committee members to determine who’s doing what to plan the pancake breakfast and at the pancake breakfast event itself. You’ll need folks to do the following:
Host and Hostess
Table clearing and cleanup
Administrative, advertising, & planning duties

At this meeting, determine your timeline and create a checklist for all duties and roles.

Plan a Pancake Breakfast Step 2: Determine advertising:

How will you advertise this event? Will you take out an ad in the local paper? Will you hand out fliers in a parking lot? Or just rely on word-of-mouth? Also, in order to offset the cost of the venue, materials, and rental equipment, you will need to convince local businesses to donate to your cause. Typically, this is accomplished by printing event programs, pamphlets, or paper placemats with local businesses’ ads. 

Plan a Pancake Breakfast Step 3: Plan the menu:
To make everything run smoothly, stick to pancakes-only. In addition to pancakes, you’ll need to provide drinks and syrup. Adding more items to the menu is great for guests but complicates kitchen duties and increases costs. You’ll already have pancake batter flinging every which way in the kitchen—no need to add slippery sausage links and messy cinnamon rolls to the mix!

Plan a Pancake Breakfast Step 4: Find a venue with a kitchen:
Make sure the venue has a kitchen available. Typically, churches, VFWs, banquet halls, community centers, and schools will have a large hall with a nearby kitchen available. Verify you’ll have enough tables, cooking utensils, and chairs to accommodate the crowd.

Plan a Pancake Breakfast Step 5: Procure ingredients:
Ask local businesses if they’ll contribute  to the cost of pancake batter, eggs, milk, juice, paper plates, and other necessary items. In exchange for the donation, explain to the business that they will receive an ad in your event literature.  Purchase the ingredients at a warehouse club store, such as Costco, to save money. 

Step 6: Set prices:
Determine ticket prices by calculating any out-of-pocket fees for supplies and add in enough to make a profit.  Sell tickets in advance, if possible, to estimate your turnout.

Step 7: Hold a meeting the day before the pancake breakfast:
Make sure all volunteers know their roles by holding a meeting prior to the breakfast.

Step 8: Follow-up:
Write thank you notes to any businesses that donated to your pancake breakfast event, and include a copy of the literature with their advertisement.  Following through with your promise and showing the business what they received in exchange for their donation encourages a healthy working relationship and increases the chances the business will donate in the future.  Remember to thank the committee members and volunteers.

Planning a pancake breakfast is a great way to get your organization’s name and goals out in the community, while raising money in the process. Plus, who doesn’t love pancakes?


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