What wives want from husband

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What wives want from husband

Mr Ghaz, January 4, @009

What wives want from husband

Nowadays condition have become such that everybody are searching the true happiness and enjoyable life. There are few useful lessons in this article, in order to guide you the rights ways of overcoming the problems.

Lesson 1: The wife’s rights

Your wives are not subjected to principles but rather they are subject to demands of the occasion. If you are really a man who adheres to principles, then subject yourself rigidly and see if you are really successful.

Some people place their restrictions even upon the indispensable expenses of the wife, like food and clothing. When she asks for something, they beat the hell out of her for being extravagant.

They claim that, there is no need for such expenses. They set out a few monetary principles to curb their wife expenditure. For instance, they will give them a few cents. Even if guests are to be entertained or medical costs incurred, they would not part with anything more.

Fix a certain sum of yourself and ensure that you do not exceed that limit whether you are ill; there is a wedding in the family or any other problem. If you are involved in a court case against you, how far will you adhere to your principle? You will spend a great sum of money behind the case.

Then why did you set our principles for your poor wife?

Lesson 2: Wife enjoys many rights

The wife enjoys many rights against the husband. Many are guilty of encroaching upon their rights. Their rights are to feed and clothe them according to your capability, to teach them the correct path of life. Some do not feed and clothe them or they are rather niggardly when it comes to spending upon their women. Some men are guilty of having illicit affairs even with lower-class women.

They have no scruples of tainting their family lineage nor do they fear disrepute. A veil has fallen over their eyes and they have resolved to perpetrate acts of justice.

Lesson 3: Secrets of husband

Some men encroach upon the rights of their women in such a manner that they shamelessly worry about their personal comfort first. Such men eat the best, dress in the best of clothing whilst the wife and children are abandoned in total neglect. It is rather inhumane of him to dress up smartly whilst leaving the wife looking like a maid. He has no concern for her clothing or her food. The woman is more eligible for beauty and adornment not a man.

Some men are possessed by evil dispositions which lead them to pursue illicit relationship with immoral women whereas they have wives sitting at home. Their wives are sitting idle at home without even attracting a glance from their husbands.

How to be a perfect husband and wife

Mostly the women are very forbearing and grateful. They would not do anything but cry and lament over their plight. They do not usually expose the secrets of their husbands, and to be a perfect husband and wife, we need to choose the right ways, search more information and lesson to become a perfect husband and wife.


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