Great gift ideas for your wife

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Great gift ideas for your wife

Mr Ghaz, January 4, 2009

Great gift ideas for your wife

The searching of more information on the internet or other source are the right ways to be a good husband and wife. Here is the greatest lesson to husband and wife as the excellent methods or the effective ways to overcome the problems arise on their daily life in this world. The good and happy family was normally come from the good etiquette of men and women.

Lesson 1: Gift to guide the spouses

It is deficiency among women that they do not respect their husband and show extreme disrespect to them. This is totally shameless of them. Some women need to be guide on this bad etiquette. Nonetheless, we deduce from this statement that the women are compelled to respect their husband.

In some places, women rule over men whilst in some places they show extreme disrespect to them and they are fond of despising their husband. Similarly, men are also to blame for imposing hardships upon their women folk. They attend to them in a rather despicable manner.

Some men trample upon the rights of their wives by protecting their own interest first. They eat the best of delicacies and wear the best of clothing whilst the wife and children left suffering.

There is so much of cruelty shown towards women that some men are under the false notion that they enjoy total and unfettered rights over their womenfolk. In some places, both parties are at fault. One party is guilty of cruelty whilst the other is guilty of disrespect.

Lesson 2: Lesson to wife at fault

One of the intrinsic maladies found in women is that they are very disrespectful to their husband. There is no doubt that some men are also very tyrannical and hard – hearted. However, some women are such that in spite of hosting them with a warm reception, they tend to harass their husband.

There is no denial of the services most of the women render to their husband. However, their service can be summarized thus: they serve him physically but harass him spiritually. They no doubt serve him physically.

They are matchless in this feat. They are also very chaste. They probably do not even have some inclination towards undermining this chastity. However, the condition of their tongue is such that they blurt out whatever comes to mind. This is really perplexing to the husband.

The most simple method is rectifying this evil is to keep the tongue in check. At the beginning it will be a bit difficult. Controlling the tongue will first develops into a habit and thereafter she will be delivered from this malady.

This is cure for this disease and not what some women do; they get some salt or sugar etc, read upon in order to subordinate the husband and ultimately the ladies can say what they wish to, whilst the husband will go on listening. This is not the cure for this malady.

These are the greatest gift to husband and wife, in order to guide them in their daily life.


In short, men are required to fulfill the rights of their wives whilst the womenfolk are required to show respect to their husbands. They should obey and honor their husbands. These are the greatest lesson to husband and wife, in order to guide them in their daily life.


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