The secrets of effective weight loss plans

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The secrets of effective weight loss plans

It is easy to beat the bulge. Now, we can forget the gym and get fitter, leaner and stronger in just six weeks by following this simple plan of fast weight loss. If you are unsure of your fitness levels, make an effort to walk more. It is ideal way to kick – start an exercise regimen.

Power Walk – Burn up Calories

A one-hour power walk can burn up to three hundred and fifty calories, help tone your body and boost energy levels. Start by wearing a pedometer for seven days. Record how many steps you do each day. The greatest number is your baseline. You will need to improve on the baseline each week.

Always aim to walk briskly but ensure you can still talk. Find a route that will allow you to increase your number of steps. You could get off the bus early, walk with a friend in the streets near your home or find a park to pound around.

Once a week, test your fitness by taking your pulse for one minute before you start walking. Take it again when you finish and again after a minute’s rest. The quicker your heart rate returns to the pace it was before you began, the fitter you are.

Low blood pressure, stronger bones and improved sleeping patterns are just some of the benefits walking promotes. So get out there and start walking.

Six Weeks Simple Plan

Week One: Buy a pair of good – quality, comfortable walking shoes. Aim to walk enough steps to equal your baseline number every day.

Week Two: Add one thousand steps to your baseline on five days. Maintain three minutes of continuous intensity walking (a brisk pace, without stopping) on three of those days.

Week Three: Add two thousand to your baseline on five days this week. You should notice you are sleeping better.

Week Four: Repeat week three.

Week Five: Add three thousand steps to your baseline on five days this week. Also do four minutes continuous – intensity walking on three of those days.

Week Six: Add five thousand steps to your baseline on five days and do five minutes continuous walking on three of those days.

On the last day of each week, take the fitness test. You will be surprised by how quickly things change.

Effective Plan for Fast Weight Loss

The result of weight loss was totally depends on your commitment and practicing the right technique during walking. However, plan loses weight slowly and it’s the healthier and safe ways of getting weight loss.

Maintain a regular walking exercise is a key to achieve better healthier life and safe effective plan for getting fast weight loss result.


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