One young girl’s experience of bullying

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A teen girl who moved into town has become a victim of a vicious gang of school bullies who have physically attacked and threatened her. The girl who is in her early teens moved to the area from another part of Northern Ireland, and not only has she been the recipient of extremely threatening text messages aimed at her family, but she has also been assaulted to the point of being badly injured.

The young victim who attends a school in the area has been withdrawn by her parents as they fear the situation is becoming out of control. I have chosen to highlight the terrible problem of bullying in schools as Anti-Bullying Week takes place from November 16 to 20. Its aim is to send a very clear message to pupils in schools around Northern Ireland that this type of behaviour is unacceptable, wrong and has no place in today’s society.

The girl’s father who is originally from the area contacted me to express his concern at what is going on, not only at the school, but also outside the college grounds. Even when his child is out socialising, she still manages to become a victim of the bullying gang.

The taunting and harrassment has been consistent over the last six to seven weeks, and in an incident on Hallowe’en night, the teenager was allegedly attacked by the group of girls, one of whom got out of a car completely drunk, and proceeded to hit her, causing a swollen jaw and a black eye. The father also claims the group of girls have been bullying very young pupils at the school and says the school does not seem to be addressing the problem.

“Our daughter is a lovely girl; she’s smart and she does really well in school. She doesn’t deserve this: you hear about so many young ones committing suicide and when that happens, you start to worry about your own child,” said the father. “We moved to the area to have a better life, but we’re regretting it now.”


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