Best advice for the parents of the graduate

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Best advice for the parents of the graduate

Majority of the people are trying to become a perfect parent. In other words, intend to become a great example or model for their children. As we all know, we need some of parenting advices, in order to guide us on achieving the matter. Furthermore, it is compulsory for kids to obey their parents after their obedience to the God.

Parents difficulties

Parent’s prayers for her children are very swiftly accepted and always remember to beware of the curse. There are many sleepless nights they have spent for you and they bore great hardships for your sake as well.

Sometimes, when you were in any slight difficulty or ill, they were pay attention to you and start preparing to undergo many difficulties and ways just to remove that one difficulty to yours.

In order to keep you happy, the parents usually have a lot of sorrow. A little change in your behavior may change all their joy into grief. One drop of tear from your eye would strike their hearts like the lightning.

Good behavior and habits

Parents will giving you good clothing and eating, they are also disciplined you with good behavior and their desire was always to give you such a education and training that other parent can see you and take a lesson and your younger brothers and sisters can take advice from you due to your good behavior and habits. Just as the parents desire your physical comfort, similarly they also desire your spiritual well; being as well.

Parents efforts

Always remember that parents are usually disregarding their comfort to accommodate your peace and comfort. Parents are also responsible for his subjects and guardians of their children as well. In other words, they are putting their maximum efforts to ensure your comfort.

At all times, you should obey, served your parents and the most important is to appreciate all the good efforts of your parents made. Whatever advices have been mentioned regarding the parents will also help you in your new home. When you get married, there too you will have to follow according to these advices and thereby achieve your mission in front of God and in the eyes of people as well.


Parents have made arrangements for your tuition and education of a pious tutor from whose company you can benefit so that you can be called a well mannered child and be an example of behavior and nobility in front of the world thereby achieving the respect and honors of this world.

By practicing the above parent advices, could guide you to be more respect to your parents.


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