What action should be taken against cyber crime

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What action should be taken against cyber crime

Cyber criminals are in a serious condition, especially on the criminal scam and fraud transaction done by the attackers without the owner’s permission. Majority of us have become aware of publishing – where fraudsters send out bogus e – mails in hope of scaring or enticing the nave into giving up personal information at fake websites that resemble those of legitimate business – along comes a new scam utilizing new technology.

Amazing tips to catch the thieves

Creative thieves are now switching their efforts to attack, which uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones instead of a misdirected Web link to steal user information. This criminal is a sophisticated phone scam evolving from traditional web – based phishing attacks.

The scam is so new that police forces are yet to keep statistics on the number of victims. The crooks get their victims to dial a VoIP phone that can recognize telephone number of victims. Lulled by the familiarity of a typical bank’ s answering service, even web – savvy people obey the computer generated voice instruction to enter their credit card number using the phone keypad.

Once the consumer enters their credit card number, the thieves has the information necessary to place fraudulent charges on the victim’s card. These operations are cheap and easy to set up, making them an ideal scam. Anyone can anonymously pay for a telephone number for a specific regional exchange anywhere else in the world.

Fraud attempt

Common sense is the first line of defense. Your credit card company will normally address you by your first and last name in any communication. So not being addressed by your full name should alert the alarm that the message might be a thief’s attempt.

You should never call a telephone number provided in a phone call or an e – mail. Instead, immediately call the telephone number on the back of your credit card or on your bank statement. If the call is legitimate, then your credit card companies or bank will have a record of the problem and will be able to assist you.


The crooks are now targeting new users around the world, especially in countries that have huge broadband growth, like china and India. The good news is that Internet security firms are increasingly stopping malicious code before it hits the mass public domain. And Microsoft has launched legal action against more than phishing websites worldwide.

These are few important factors of the new type of cyber criminal scam that you have to put more attention and cautious with your transactions utilizing online banking.


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