Advice on Buying and Selling a Vehicle

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Advice on Buying and Selling a Vehicle

By Mr Ghaz, January 4, 2009

Advice on Buying and Selling a Vehicle

Nowadays, when you intend to buying and selling vehicle, you need to shop around as prices are known to differ from one place to the other. In order to overcome this problem, the following article will provides you an invaluable advice on buying and selling a car.

Buying Guide

Decide on your budget; car price, monthly commitments, road tax and insurance. Know the vehicle’s market value. Thumb through the sections of motor trader and get a fairly good idea. Note extras or equipment level. Values may vary accordingly.

Ring up and determine the vehicle mileage, age, condition, service record and specification. Bring along a friend to view vehicle. Always inspect vehicle in daylight. Make sure you are comfortable driving it. Listen for rattles and unusual sounds. Check exhaust for excessive smoke and see that all electrical equipment works properly.

Make sure that the vehicle engine and chassis number are not tampered with. Or play it safe and authorize an inspection of the vehicle by the registered vehicle inspection company for a reasonable fee. Check vehicle documentation to establish the ownership. A newer vehicle is likely to be owned by a finance company. For older cars, make sure it is fully paid for and the seller is the registered owner.

Be cool in negotiating for the best deal. Never be pressured into closing the deal. If you are not happy with the price, there is always another car around the corner. Newer cars may come with warranties to be effective.

Where to Buy

Established dealers offer the most convenient avenue. They arrange your vehicle finance and insurance, and vehicles are in a reasonably good condition.

Buying privately may lead to cheaper prices. Look for evidence of care or attention paid to the cars. Good value buys may be available in `hard to sell’ cars, i.e. those that are not popular in the market.

Auctions are good source for bargain buys but vehicles are usually sold `as seen’. You also don’t get an opportunity to test drive vehicle.

Selling Guide

Always state vehicle features, whether extras or standard. Impress buyers on the value for money factor. Decide on a fair one by looking through motor trader. Our photo agents can help you here in your advertisement.

Buyers will call at any time. Be obliging and take down their names and contact numbers. Take precautions when arranging appointments for the vehicle to be viewed at your house. Agreeto a time when there is more than one person in your house.

Gets proof before you pay third parties offering ready buyers in return for a fee! Prepare your vehicle. Good impressions will help to sell the car. Keep the mood pleasant when negotiating price. It is human nature for a buyer to bargain. If you have several interested callers you can hold for the best price.

Be prepared to show documents to establish you as legal owner and service records to support good vehicle maintenance. Proof of ownership is your responsibility. Interested buyers should come to you. Avoid taking a vehicle to meet them half way. If you have to do so, bring along a friend.

Do not leave strangers alone in your house while vehicle is being taken for a test drive. Keep hold of the keys at all times. Make sure you are in the vehicle and the car is insured to cover authorized drivers.

Although a deposit is paid, you don’t need to commit yourself until the payment is received in full. But keep phone numbers of all callers in case this sale falls through. The best form of payments is cash. If you take a cheque or bankers draft, have them verified before you hand over the registration documents.


Always remember that, to achieve a reasonable price during buying and selling a car, some efforts to be done, such as to shop around and find – out your car best price offer, asking your friends around, searching on Internet or from the advertisements published in magazines, yet you still need the above advices as your guidance when you intend to buying and selling a vehicle.


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