5 Losing weight tips for teens

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Losing weight as a teenager has it’s benefits but it can be tough.  The older you get, the more difficult it can be to lose the weight permanently.  While a teen can be very busy and find it difficult to lose weight, it can be possible.  Here are five ways that you can start losing weight as a teenager.

1.      Stay active.  Taking the stairs more often at school, or even walking home from school are some easy ways that you can stay more active.  You can participate more in physical education.  Set small goals each day to help you towards your weight loss goals.  It is a lot easier to lose weight when you are young than when you get older.

2.      Bring your lunch to school.  Hot lunches from schools have a lot of calories and preservatives in them.  It will also save you and your parents some money.  You know you will be eating healthier if you bring a meal prepared from home.  Be sure to make a well rounded meal from home so that you are not hungry afterwards.

3.      Carry a bottle of water around with you.  Bringing a bottle of water to class is a lot more healthy than bringing a bottle of soda or even coffee.  Fill it up at a drinking fountain in between classes.  You do not need caffeine to survive class, and it will help flush out your system better so that you can function.

4.      Eat more fruits and veggies. Your parents told you when you were younger that it was important to eat your fruits and veggies, and it still is.  It will help your stomach feel more full so that you snack less.  Help by grocery shopping with your parents to choose some of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating.

5.      Stay moving after school.  You may feel tired and exhausted after a long day of school, but it is important to stay active after it.  Enroll in after school sports and activities, or even go for a walk after school.  This will help you get a little more exercise in your busy life and help you lose the weight.

There are many activities that you can change in your lifestyle as a teen to help lose weight and get back on shape.  Remember that losing weight could be a life long battle, but you have a better chance to lose it now before you get older.  Also, you will want to consult your doctor before you start any kind of weight loss regimen, just to make sure you stay safe and healthy.


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