Things you must know before you travel to africa

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Africa is one of the places which can provide the best vacation experience to any one. Unlike the first world countries, the African air is pure and free from pollution. The continent has a huge number of attractions from national parks with lots of animals and bird species, the fresh water lakes, beautiful mountains and lots more.

The African cultures are unique and interesting to see, from the short pigmies to the tall Sebei’s, there are thousands of tribes which leave on this large continent, from the Arabs in the North, Ibo in the west, the Baganda and the Kikuyu in the East to the Zulu in the south.

The climate is a real safe haven for those who may want to have a time off from the harsh winter and sometimes cruel summers. In many countries, the temperatures never exceed 30c which is practically conducive. I have seen many tourists who have been advised by medical doctors to have vacations in Africa as way of making their health better.

There are up to 51 countries in Africa which provides better alternatives for any tourist. You can choose where to go, South Africa has some winter, North Africa has the desert and the central, east and west have the tropics. Africa will never disappoint you if you put climate into consideration. Africa has no typhoons, and also has no tsunamis.

Leave alone the stereo types; Africa has a number of large cities from Johannesburg in the south, Lagos in west, Nairobi in the East and Cairo in the North. You can forget that you are not in America or Europe or any of the places you came from. State of the art hotels and camp sites are all over all the continent and you are guaranteed of a wonderful experience. Africa will net cut you from your friends and relatives, there are many telephone companies like MTN Uganda, Zain, Uganda Telecom, I telecom, Orange Uganda and Warid telecom

The people in the villages are also very lovely and wonderful; they give you a taste of the life outside the flats, to the life of the fields and caring.  Its true there are many people who live a very simple village life far away from development, but that only gives a person another good reason to Africa, the people in African villages are very friendly and care much about neighbors except in some places which have some hostile people. However, if your intension is to look for Jobs in Uganda or other African countries, you may be frustrated, but for nay other reason, you will surely enjoy the continent.

In Africa, people live for others and individualism is rare, you will be surprised at how well people in this much misunderstood continent will treat you, a journey to Africa is surely one which any one in need of quality time on this planet should give a try.


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