Easy dinner recipes

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Easy dinner recipes

Mr Ghaz, January 2009

Easy dinner recipes

The Indonesian traditional foods have faced many challenges from modern foods. But actually the modern foods are much fattier than traditional foods. Even in the developed countries, the people are gradually decreasing their consumption of such foods. Due to the high risk threatening the health, people are considering to adopt the back-to nature style and the famous Indonesian easy dinner recipes is “Bubur Sumsum Es Buah” (Rice Flour Porridge with Fruit and Ice).

Rich of healthy flavor

These recipes have been put to a test and standardized, both in taste as well as in appearance, by some panelist from various ethnic group of Indonesia. Indonesian cuisine is made from fresh food, and rich of healthy flavor. Moreover, the foods created a unique opportunity to identify and collect some Indonesian food recipes to be selected and disseminated widely.

Famous Indonesian Cuisine Recipes:

Bubur Sumsum Es Buah” (Rice Flour Porridge with Fruit and Ice)

1000 ml coconut milk

100 g rice flour

1 tsp salt

4 pandanus leaves


100 g brown sugar

25 g sugar

1 pandanus leaf

150 ml water

500 g pineapple, diced

500 g papaya, diced

100 ml red syrup

Crushed ice

To make porridge: bring to boil coconut milk, salt, and pandanus leaves, keep stirring until done. While boiling, pour rice flour dissolved with a small amount of the coconut milk, stir well until the mixture becomes smooth and thick, remove from the heat, set aside.

To make brown sugar sauce: in a pan, boil brown sugar, sugar, pandanus leaf, and water. Sieve and keep boiling until thick, remove from the heat.

To serve: in a bowl or glass put 1 2 scoops of porridge, add brown sugar sauce, fruits, crushed ice, and syrup on top.

*Serves : 10


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