Host a Santa Exchange Party

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Many holiday parties include a grab bag type gift exchange sometimes called a “Secret Santa”. These gift exchanges are quite simple to manage as long as everyone remembers to bring a gift. But a true Santa Exchange is exciting, fast paced and sometimes, down right crazy as the quests vie for the best gift. Best friends argue with each other, some people pray, but in the end, everyone gets a gift and a memory of a great holiday party.

1. Ask each guest to bring a wrapped gift and place it in a designated place like a table, or better yet, under a Christmas tree.

 2.Each person draws a number from a hat (maybe a Santa hat?). This number determines the rotation in which everyone picks a gift.

3. The first person picks a gift and opens it for all to see.

4. When it is their turn, each guest has the option to pick a gift from under the tree or take a gift from someone who has already chosen a gift and opened it. If a gift is “stolen” from a guest. They are given an opportunity to choose another gift from under the tree.

5. This continues until everyone has had a turn to choose a gift from under the tree . The person who went first is now given the opportunity to exchange their gift with anyone else at the party!

Just a little advice: you might want to reserve this kind of a gift exxchange for adults rather than children since they may not be so willing to have gifts taken away from them!


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