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How to get out of writer’s block.

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The writer’s block issue has been concerning people that write,mostly by not understanding where it stems from.Why is it—they ask themselves— that all ideas were flowing fine ,and all of a sudden they stop cold? And usually that derives to a ramification of yet more worries,like.—Have my brains turned into cereal?—They say this thought drove Ernest Hemmingway to point the shotgun to his face and turn into blood spray.Which is truly sad because there could have been better avenues to go into,such as rehab,or going into the conference circuit ,I mean talking is easier than writing,and famous as he was,he certainly qualified for that.Sadly too late now.

But let’s go into the matter that brings us to read this piece.The main causes for writer’s block feed each other.

One is lack of energy,the other one is being overwhelmed by what may be taking place in our personal lives,or what may be happening to others around us,or anywhere in the world,that might affect us negatively.Usually matters that we become aware through the news.That could very well be ,so turn off the t.v.set.

I will not delve into issues like your divorce,your troubles and other personal crisis,because I don’t want this article to turn into a Russian major opus, that you must fix on your own and move on.

First way is to start bringing your mind a recharge to fine tune it into a higher level,and for that ,either meditate or bring yourself into a conversation about really deep issues,for instance; that we are standing on the earth mass travelling across space at a tremendous speed,thus entering diverse dimensions that will influence the collective lifes of humanity.Or why are we here on earth to begin with.Is there sex after death? etc.

If that does not work,and you are the type that needs to write things down,get your laptop or your pen and paper,and start asking :What if?…which to me is the basics when I write micro stories or short stories in my blog which is

I begin by asking the most absurd or way out questions like What if the pope parachuted into my backyard? What if that watermelon exploded? What if Jesus knocked on my door and gave me the opportunity to ask him anything.

And if you are not religious think of anyone else showing up at your door,could be Clinton,the Dalai Lama,Hillary,Sarah Palin,Tiger Woods ,Germaine Jackson or all of them together.Imagine you could have them all as your guests for lunch;figure out how the conversation would be,after a few drinks.Imagine,imagine…that’s what writing’s all about.

You see once you allow your imagination to freely roam,that will lead into other options you can build on.And then there is this practical exercise from a professor in Spain,who recently wrote an article about writer’s block and he says that by building lists of any three items you can unleash the unblocking process:could be anything,such as jaguar,pen,ocean;and from there build a sentence or a short story,like for instance:

When he saw the jaguar coming at him,he threw the pen away and ran into the ocean….

You may stop the story right there or let the words flow into an avenue that will take you somewhere else.You can always edit out the jaguar if it doesn’t work out with the rest of the story.

Another technique,also in the what if category,pretend or suppose.Suppose a guy wih a gun pointed at you demands that you write a piece,and it better be good.I am currently writing something that begins with a similar scenario,you are welcome to read it soon in the above mentioned site.


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