Applying Faux or fake rock

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    First choose the style of faux rock you are interested in. They come in many styles including river rock, field stone.granite,split faced and ledger stone. When you decide this you are ready to start.

    First you have to prep the surfaced. A wrap or felt has to be applied so moisture does not damage framing. Attach this with a stapler. Than apply the wire mesh. Apply this the right way so it will hold the spec mix. Nail this every 6 inches with a galvanized roofing nail. Put mesh corners on where needed.

   Mix specially designed spec mix to a creamy peanut butter consistancy. Spread a thin layer over wire mesh. This thin layer or scratch coat will help the rocks adhere.Apply this with a trowel forcing it into the mesh. Allow this layer to dry completely.

You are ready to apply rock now. Open several boxes of rock and spread out. Now you can mix and match color and size. Using the spec mix apply to back of rock and squeeze and twist on wall. Start at the top and work down. Choose rock to fit and continue down the wall. When you are to the bottom you can cut pieces with a diamond blade in a circular saw to fit. There is also special corner rocks for the corners. Apply these first where needed.

   Grout in between rock with spec mix. Mix this a little thinner  so it will squeeze through grout bag. Squeeze grout between rock. Let dry a little bit. Smooth out with tuck tool or rubber glove. Clean rock with heavy brush. You can seal if you desire.


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