Tips for Healthier Living for 2009 and Beyond

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     Healthy Living starts with yourself. It takes time and motivation to reach a point when you want to be feel and look the best so here are some ways to help you:

Medical Care-Physical

  • Keep track of your medical appointments and speak with your health care professional about any unsual signs or symptoms such as changes in breathing patterns, eating patterns, or sleeping patterns. Also, remain alert of any concerns from young children or you pets. .
  • Review your medical plan once a year and make any adjustments for married, new birth/adoptions, or changes in employment.
  • Diet and Exercise are important for maintaining a healthy overall lifestyle.
  • Quit smoking and drinking. It is expensive and can create more problems.
  • Minimize your exposure to the sun. Our ozone layer has experienced damage so it is important to use sunscreen, cover your body, and monitor sun times.

Medical Care-Mental:

  • Most attention is given to physical care but mental care is important. High stress can cause eating, sleeping, and working problems if not checked and monitored.
  • Limit your time in stressful situations. You can not control your neighbors, friends, or associates but you can control yourself. Take daily time to relax.
  • At home, listen and communicate with your spouse/children/roommates and address situations before resentment and anger builds up. At work, communicate with your boss/coworkers about deadlines.

Financial Care:

  • Monitor your household budget and make adjustments as needed.
  • Establish a savings plan for current and future needs.
  • Teach children about financial management at an early age. For instance, take your children to the  supermarket and show them how to make a purchase food/household items.

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