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Every living cells contain thousands of enzymes, each doing their own tasks, such as help with copying DNA, levels memproduksi food and energy from them, and developing medium-chain molecular compounds.

Enzyme produced by the mitochondria in every Tues Largely composed of protein enzymes, the rest are vitamins such as vitamins and nutrients. If not for this enzyme, we have no function, from the simple to the most complex, can occur, or will occur very late to stop altogether. In both cases, the result will be the same-death. We can not speak, eat, digest, or even see bernapas-short, we can not live.
Every second, more than a download that can be done in the body count of all living creatures. So complex and detailed is that the download-download on each level, intervention of “super-regulatory” it is important to handle the entire system and maintain public order incident speed. Super-chemical procedures in the human body are enzymes.

Enzyme ‘most important task is to initiate, terminate and accelerate various chemical reactions in the body. When cell function, chemicals in it to react accordingly. Higher temperature required to initiate most chemical reactions. However, high temperatures may be harmful to living cells, they cause injury or death. Solutions of this dilemma lies in the enzyme.

Clearly the creation miracle, manage to launch enzymes accelerate chemical reactions or even in the absence of high temperatures, but as a catalyst, they are not going to change-or itself, by reactions of this. Download an example from everyday life your way to accelerate the process of enzymes that occur in your body: Thanks to an enzyme involved in the removal of carbon dioxide from the blood when you breathe, you do not drowned. Enzyme known as speed up the cleaning process anhydrase of carbon dioxide by factors of 10 million times! At this speed, which can change the molecular anhydrase million every 36 mins.

Body quickly and Economic Production Vehicles

Enzymes allow reactions important happens as soon as possible, and also to take advantage of the energy body in the most efficient way. If you compare the human body to a factory, working with many enzymes in the cell as the various instruments of production, there is no energy source will be able to run the factory. Because the level of electricity required for engine trillion, from 2000 different types, all working properly at high speeds will be very large. In a laboratory environment, therefore, very high levels of heat and energy needed in order to perform even simple reaction cells.

However, cells enzymes perform their duties to work with a calm and very neatly in a relatively low heat from the body and the energy they get from nutrition. Only one of these is enough to show how the enzyme has been specifically designed to make every reaction that occurs in which the body is not fully efficient perfect.

Even when you’re reading this article, a large number of enzymes that control the reaction occurs throughout the body and provide food and energy your cells need to stay healthy and functioning. Even if someone does not have knowledge about everything that happens in the body, enzymes are not only aware of it, but also to intervene in all processes of the most important and accurate manner.
In addition, each enzyme to speed up certain chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes do not have other duties, or made a mistake in
make their own, because each enzyme is formulated specifically to perform the task itself.

For example, when a large number of enzymes can be effective in a liquid with a pH neutral, they accused as enzymes to digest food in the stomach can work effectively only within a very sour. Once again, saliva containing the enzyme amylase breaks starch into maltosa food and participating throughout throat, but when reached dinetralkan acid environment in the stomach. But once arrived there, in any case, the work done. 1

Enzyme ‘Lock-and-Key Compatibility

Form of the enzyme molecules actually fit with any substance that they intended to act. Each enzyme, and this will affect the substance by combining with things that fit together precisely in the complex three-dimensional geometry. How to detect a substance corresponding enzymes, and then go and joined her behavior is very deliberate. In addition, the enzyme resembles a hunter is aware, in the sense that they are waiting, make a place for themselves penampungan to hide in, where they remain ready to join with the appropriate nutrients.
Respectively in the right place according to the design and characteristics. They avoid the environment where they can be injured or become ineffective.

How they take responsibility to initiate or accelerate the reaction problem is feasible recount. Except for some agents there to prevent them, different enzymes will continue to launch and accelerate all of the various chemical reactions in the body. This eventually can cause over-production of certain proteins or damage to certain imbalances cells. And so, cells that organize themselves enzyme activity. Tues decide when to stop the enzyme action, aware that attention of planning actions that unusual. To do so, it will send to the enzyme a substance similar to that usually combine with, and stick, not enzyme replacement.
Therefore, this “copy” of the substance and enzymes to keep occupied while, forestalls the undesirable activities.

Trap enzymes, however, imitation materials also must compete with a single pair. Retardation because this enzyme is known as a competitive inhibitor. In this method, the enzyme activity stopped until the time that each substance that is produced as a result of enzyme reaction by dipicu drop below a certain level.

This information is not to be read once and then forgotten. First, this is helpful to realize that your protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins that consist of atoms not knowingly make a calculation, make decisions and implement programs that just described, and not to train people with the awareness and sense of responsibility. Tues determine the number of substances produced, as if they’re handling preparation. And when decided that production should be stopped for a while, apply a very sophisticated procedure to do so.

How to make material false Tues to sit and enzyme product is only at the right behavior that is planned.
Because if the imitation is always present in the cell over time, then they will also stop production of the enzyme when they interfere with the most urgent needs. But sel ‘always perfectly accurate time. As organized, the form of intelligent behavior performed by sequential, one by one, the molecules are too small to see with the naked eye, only one of many signs of a superior nature of God’s creation. Clearly, this seems to realize berperilaku substance under the leadership of our Lord.

Less Chance evolutionist scientists claim

As more details emerged about the structure of enzymes, proteins and other similar structures, ketidakabsahan theory of evolution becomes more clear. This structure leads the world in micro-scientists, willingly or otherwise, to accept the fact that there is a perfect design in living.

One of the scientists is microbiology Malcolm Dixon:

Every minute enzyme system to work doing what can not be friction chemical management. There may be those who believe that natural enzymes to alert against themselves and hundreds of their friends as a result of chance? Enzymes and enzyme systems touchstones from the same genetic mechanism. Done more research, more detailed design that appears. 2

Enzyme “structure is too complex to appear by chance-a fact that is expressed in the famous biochemist Michael Pitman’s probability calculation:

As we know, there are 1080 atoms in the universe and 1017 seconds have passed since the Big Bang. Two thousand primary enzyme is essential if life is to survive. Chance of enzymes come across more than 1020. The possibility that they all appear as a result of chance is 10 40000. Even if we think about the whole universe as an organic soup, still possible to minute as the probability to occur. 3

As these scientists say, may not even one enzyme to form spontaneously by chance. However, 50 “pre-enzymes” work together to produce an enzyme. Nine other enzymes require different enzymes before they can be a single amino acid synthesis. This has raised questions that are very hard for every natural scientist: How the enzyme first appears if there are no others? These are questions that evolutionists can not answer.

In addition to problems caused by the enzymes’ production of chemicals, they have unusual features include: Having the form of enzymes, they can easily disappear or become passive again, unless the condition of the right preserved. In other words, they cease to function until and unless they are needed.

In short, to enable each enzyme to function, all the other necessary enzymes, cells, systems and structures must be in place, in full working order. So, how enzyme first formed? The answer is clear. Of Almighty God, the Creator without disabilities, created all things and the living cells in one second, with all the necessary enzymes and their protein. This fact revealed in a verse as follows:

O human! What has deceived you about your Noble Lord? It is He who created you and formed you and your proportional and gather you in any way that He wills. (Qur’an, 82:6-8)

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