The best soup recipes

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The best soup recipes

By Mr Ghaz, January 4, 2009

The best soup recipes

As we all know, Indonesia is a multiethnic and multicultural country. It has thousand of islands with very beautiful scenery and thousand of authentic cuisine recipes that attract many foreigners. Besides of natural beauty, Indonesia is rich also on the variety of strange’ traditional foods. The best soup recipes is ‘Soto Bandung’ (Spicy Soup Bandung Style).

Famous traditional food in the world

Some of the traditional foods have become an international food because of the mobility of the foreigner in the past. As you may also notice, because of this mobility, a specific food from a region has spread widely throughout the world and becomes the famous traditional food in the world as well.

The best Indonesian soup recipes:

Soto Bandung (Spicy soup Bandung style)

250 g beef brisket

100 g boiled soy bean, fried

125 g white radish, thinly sliced

3 tbsp sliced celery

3 tbsp fried sliced celery

3 tbsp fried sliced shallots

3 tbsp sliced green onion

1 stalk lemon grass, bruised

2000 ml water

2 tbsp sliced shallots

1 tbsp sliced garlic

1 tbsp peppercorn

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sliced ginger


Red capsicums

Salt Vinegar

To make Soto: put water and beef in pan, boil until the beef tender and the stock remains 1000ml. Take out the beef, cut into small pieces.

Blend shallots, garlic, pepper, salt, and ginger into a paste. Add this paste into the boiling stock. Add lemon grass and green onion.

Add the pieces of beef and white radish is cooked.

To serve Soto: serve the hot Soto in a bowl. Add fried soybean, sprinkle with celery and fried shallots. Serve with sweet soysauce and sambal cuka.

To make sambal cuka: boil the red capsicums. Drain and blend, add salt and vinegar mix well.

*Serves : 5

*One serving : 185 Calories

Factors make the food acceptable

There are some factors that make the foods acceptable for people from all over the world:

Quality of the foods and cookeries. The way the foods presented needs to be improved to inspire the appetites. The popularity of the foods created “the national taste and standard” and “the national taste and standard” can make a consistent taste that important for foreigners.

Enjoy the best soup in the world and bon appetite!


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