DIY Milk and Honey Spa Collection

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This spa collection is absolutely divine.  It has a perfect balance of sweet and natural scents.  This collection is safe for pretty much any age group but I would not recommend using it on babies under two years old.  It is ideal for fair skinned people as almond and oatmeal can have a whitening effect on the skin.  This collection does contain nut oils and should not be used by anyone with these common allergies.

Milk and Honey Soap

Shea Butter Soap Base

Powdered Milk

Rolled Oats

Almond Extract

Cut the soap base into small chunks and put in a double boiler to melt.  While the soap base is melting, mix the oatmeal and powdered milk together.  I like to grind them together in a mortar with a pestle but it does powder the oatmeal.  When the soap has completely melted take it off the heat.  Add the oatmeal and powdered milk mixture and stir very well.  Next, add the almond extract and mix.  Pour this into a prepared soap mold.  I use petroleum jelly as a mold release.  Let the soap set for several hours.  Once the soap is cool, take it out of the mold and cut it into bars.  Wrap in plastic and store in a cool dry place.

Milk and Honey Bath Salt

1 Part Sea Salt, finely ground

1 Part Epsom salt

½ Part Powdered Milk

½ Part Rolled Oats

Almond Essential Oil

Put the sea salt into the bottom of a sealable container.  Add the almond essential oil and mix together.  I find that grinding the salt and oil together with the flat of the spoon to be rather useful for this.  Once the oil is completely mixed into the salt, add the Epsom salt, powdered milk, and rolled oats.  Mix this very well.  Store the mixture in the sealable container and shake daily for a week before use.


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