All you Need fo a Day of Self Pampering

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Ever noticed sometimes thing don’t quite go the way you would like them to. You know when your makeup is not quite right or your having a major bad hair day. In saying that, your mood can actually be affected by the way you feel you appear to the outside world, needless to say that when you feel you look perfect, you feel better. Well stress no longer ladies because I have gathered together some of my quick and easy beauty steps to guarantee that you will be well on your way to having a much better day.

Quick fixes for that stray hair of yours

If you have a straight bob and it appears to have gone flat, spray the top layer with a plant mister filled with water, just that section rather than the whole underneath. Then blow dry just that part of the hair.

If the hair is curly, mist and scrunch the wave back into your hair to retrieve the look in minutes or put in velcro rollers, blitz with the hair dryer and a scoosh of hairspray then leave it to cool down.

No rollers, no hair dryer? If your having a flat crown day or a kinky fringe moment, all you need is a brush and about 5 minutes. Make tracks for the loo or the kitchen, dampen the roots in the problem area only and lift the hair with the brush until it’s dry.

If your hair is dry and lifeless, and you have no time at all give it a quick boost with a couple of minutes of scalp massage. Using you finger tips simply rub your scalp vigorously from your front hair line to your nape. It wakes up your hair, gets the sebum out to give it a bit of a shine.

If you have been to a smoky party and your hair smells like an ashtray, spritz a favourite fragrance in front of you and walk through the cloud.

So there you have it, no more bad hair days, I bet you’re thinking what about my face. Don’t worry I have sorted out a few tips for that too.

 Eyebrow essentials

There is probably nothing that makes a face look groomed faster than well plucked eyebrows, they ’open’ the eye instantly counteracting the droopiness which tends to come with aging. If it’s your first time plucking I recommend if possible going to a professional who can assess your perfect brow shape and create a ‘blue print’ then all you have to do is pluck away the hair s that are growing back through.

The technique of plucking


Tweezing should be done after a bath or a shower, when the skin is supple.

First apply a dab of which hazel or tree oil.

Brush eyebrows upwards and outwards.

Hold the skin with the opposite hand, place tweezers close to the skin near the roots of the hair and pull the hair with a quick motion in the direction of the growth. Pluck stray hairs and hair that falls under the line one at a time, all the way across the brow.

Pluck a few hairs from one brow, then stop and pluck a few from the other. Be sure to check that the shape is even on both sides.

Holding tweezers straight and pulling the skin towards the forehead, pluck any stray hairs from between the brows.

Makeup facts and tips


For blondes :- most blondes’ find they cant live without mascara, taupe eye-shadow (which can double as brow colour and eye liner) and also cream blush. Lipstick colours that usually work for blondes,’ are soft pinks with salmon or pink blushers and bone shadows (creamy -white)

For brunettes :- most can skip mascara or eyebrow colour but foundation is often a must for evening out skin tone, together with blusher and lip gloss, good shades are rose, raisin, brown and mahogany.

For red heads :- eyeliner for emphasizing pale skin and light lashes and can double up as eyebrow definer. Lip gloss is great on red heads too. The best shades are caramels, rich browns or brown-red on lips, apricot or muted pink blush, brown mascara and caramel or peach lipsticks and toast brown eye shadow.

For grey hair :- just eyebrow pencil, mascara (if your eyelashes are pale) and a blush and/or lipstick can work wonders. Pink, rose, red apricot or peach lipsticks; use rose tones.

Have gorgeous nails, here’s how

The perfect nail is strong but flexible. Massage oil into the nails on a daily basis and only use nail hardeners for a very short time or they’ll make them too brittle.

The secret of a long lasting manicure is to seal the tips, painting over them with base, varnish and top coat, and even on the underside of the nail, if it extends far enough from the top of your finger.

Use twelve strokes to cover the nail with polish – most people think they can get away with three.

Use a nail file as if you were using a violin slowly, using the whole length of the file in long smooth strokes, never in sawing motion.

Don’t use nail varnish remover more than once a week: it’s too drying, and always look foe a version that is acetone free.

Exercise your fingers just as you would the rest of your body, stretch ad tap them. I know it sounds daft but it boosts blood flow and improves nail health.

Keeping your nails all the one length looks best – even if that means cutting them all right back when one nail snaps. It actually creates the illusion of length.

The shape of the nail tip should echo the natural shape of your nail base. If the shape of your nail is square, a square nail tip will suit. Most woman have a squoval nail base – (square with round edges) – which should be reflected in the way you file and shape the tips.

Every six weeks, clip all your nails back; just like hair nails get split ends. It encourages them to grow. This sound like a dramatic solution – but it works.

Now you know some of the ins and outs, perhaps you could experiment with my guide lines and find out what really suits your own personal look.


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