The importance of getting advice for parenting

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The importance of getting advice for parenting

By Mr Ghaz, 4, January 2009

The importance of getting advice for parenting questions

Most people are aspiring to be excellent parents with healthy children. To achieve that, there are a few advices you need to follow and be responsive, especially to the physical and the emotional needs of your child.

The parents have the responsibility of `correcting’ some of these messages and ideas. Even the nutrition, education and responsibilities given the child have to be adjusted and made appropriate for his age.

Children need constant care

Parents do realize that the important of kids early time is. The child begins to develop his own personality independent of the parents. And parents tend to show children less affection in puberty. Love and affection top of the list of ways we can contribute to our child’s balance.

A child’s emotional, psychological and physical needs keep on changing and his horizon widens. If there are problems, the child may be left with scars or damages. It’s best to prevent these. We call this as preventive pediatrics.

Children change from being helpless babies in need of constant care to children who need conversation. When they get older they need discussion. Parents should not be judgmental as they will shut you out. At all stages, children need love or they will stray.

Monitor outside influences

Besides the influence of family and teachers, your child will be exposed to all manner of external influences. Make sure he is exposed to the right ones. The media models, for example cartoon characters and characters in stories they read, play and influential role in shipping a child understands of their emotions.

When those characters exhibit healthy models of understanding, accepting and dealing with emotions, they help in teaching the child emotional intelligence.

An insecure child often does not eat well. There is evidence that physical growth can be partially stunted for children who lack emotional security and social attachments. High stress levels in young children can affect their eating habits, leading to problems in nutrition.

Ensure a Balanced Diet and Appropriate Medical

Your child needs a balanced diet for healthy growth. That means less fast food and snacks, and more fresh fruit and vegetables. A good eating habit must be introduced early and it is good asking your child to eat a plate of vegetables if they don’t see you eating them.

Follow the recommended immunization timetable to maintain your child’s health. It is extremely worrying when your child fall sick and from practical point of view, it can mean medical bills or disruption to his schooling.

If your child sick, get the appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible. Small complaints may indicate bigger problems. Mostly, there is no law says you have to take your child to the doctor and if you refuse treatment for your child your doctor cannot do anything.

Keep safe environment

Creating a safe environment for your child is imperative, especially once he becomes mobile and so on. Pay attention to details like electrical plugs, window outlets, kitchen equipment and make sure dangerous substances are out of child’s away.

A small child should have eight to ten hours sleep each night and after a busy, active day, your child needs to recharge. There is a tendency for children to stay up later. Then they should catch up later with an afternoon nap. Sleep is important for growth.

The above factors are the famous parenting advices for all parents and the most important point is that, these advices may help you to become a good and perfect parent.


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