How to Help Itchy Feet

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Athlete’s foot fungus, allergic reactions and even simply heat and sweat can cause a foot itch. Feet suffer hours-long confinement inside hot, often damp, shoes and it’s no surprise they develop an itch now and then.
Whatever causes the itch, an itchy foot is very hard to ignore. Before you suffer unnecessarily, know that you can relieve itchiness on your feet. You will only need some common items in your bathroom in addition to other products, readily available at many grocery stores.

First, bathe your foot in warm water and soap. Rub it gently with a warm wash cloth and rinse the foot well to remove all soap.

Immerse your foot in cool water. Add one tsp. baking soda to the water for more relief–this is especially helpful if the itch is caused by insect bites or poison ivy.

Rinse the foot with cool water and pat it dry with a towel. Apply an antifungal powder (or cream) if you suspect the itch may be caused by athlete’s foot fungus. Athlete’s foot commonly appears first as a very itchy rash between the toes. If you instead suspect an allergic reaction, apply an antihistamine cream to the foot. 

Keep your foot dry and cool (and re-apply medicine as needed). Avoid enclosed shoes, such as sneakers, until the itch is gone.

More Tips:

Use a topical anti-itch, analgesic spray if you don’t believe the itch is fungus or allergy related (only a physician can say with certainty, however).

If you develop itchiness–with or without a rash–that won’t go away despite treatment, see your doctor. 


Try to avoid scratching the itchy foot, especially if you have a blistering rash. Causes such as fungal infections or poison ivy can be spread over a larger area this way.


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