A Cat Has Nine Lives!

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A cat has nine lives, so you say. But does cat live to count nine?

Yes. Once I read that cats can count. They can count seven. And only seven. Whether that is true does not matter but what matters is that animals do have some emotional attachment with the human beings and their own species.

They experience experience’ also. We have all observed this or if we minutely observe, we can experience this. This is particularly true about domestic animals. It might be owing to close association and intimate relation that they manage to learn a few things and they apply this experience if and when the situation demands of them.

They also have joy and sorrow of their own which also they share with their masters and kith and kin. We have also observed the behaviour and mental acumen of the trained animals let alone the pet ones. So animals are just not dullards as we generally believe and so we cannot take them for a ride. Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of theirs might not be high but their Emotional Quotient (EQ) is fairly even.

Particularly cats and dogs are man’s most pet animals and to say the least they are much more domesticated than animals like cows, goats and horses. That is why they become so loving and dear. They get educated in such a way that they feel free to exchange their heartfelt joys and sorrows with their masters. They give vent their feelings in their own unique way of communication and at the same time the masters can share their emotional moments with their pets. Yes, they might not understand, yet they can realise which is more than understanding!


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