TNA needs Flair vs Sting one more time

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Ric Flair v Sting TNA one more time please

We all know Sting has had a huge history inside TNA but without Flair Sting may had never been a huge name in the wrestling business and these two superstars made a huge history in WCW. Since 2001 nobody has saw them work together but wrestling fan have been asking for this match for years and years.

TNA is a brand that is moving forward and Sting has left his mark on TNA but one thing I have wanted for years is to see Ric Flair walk into a TNA ring and make history all over again. Flair is old but I know by working with Sting they can work a great match that has a chance to be one of the best in TNA history. This match could also bring in TNA biggest PPV buyrate because many know about the history of Flair and Stings history. These two have also never ever had a bad match together. TNA has been trying to sign Flair for a long time but with Hogan joining who know a deal could be done?

Sting has also said many times he would like to work wit Flair one more time.

I do not see what TNA have to lose with this sort of main event.Only the best could come from this and history could be made all over again by Flair & Sting. They need one more match together but with Flair winning this time.

Flair vs Sting TNA in the furure? I really hope so.


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