My Close Encounters With Skunks

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I am the type of person that animals seem to love. I attract all kinds of animals, both wild and tame. Most of my pets have been dogs and cats that people had abandoned on the roadside. If there are any strays roaming around in the neighborhood, they will eventually find their way to my home. I just cannot resist any animal that shows up on my doorstep. I have nursed several doves and a raccoon back to health. Once they had recovered from their injuries I immediately set them free. I knew they would be much happier out in the wild where they belong. Still it was hard letting them go.

My first close encounter with a skunk happened while I was working in my Grandpa’s chicken house. We had over 5000 laying hens and I would have to pick up eggs three times a day. It was not unusual for skunks to get inside the chicken house and this one skunk make itself at home in the feed room. It would lie under the feed bin and eat the chicken feed that spilled over onto the ground. My brother helped me pick up eggs, but he refused to go near the feed room. I was the one who had to fill up the bins with chicken feed every day. While I stood on a wooden platform watching the feed pour into the bin, the skunk would lie underneath the feed bin and stare straight up at me. At first, I felt a little nervous being that close to an actual skunk, but after a while I stopped worrying about being sprayed. Maybe the skunk did not feel threatened because it saw me as its food supplier or something. Whatever the reason, I am very thankful that I never got sprayed. That would not have been a very pleasant experience at all. My Grandpa finally found out about the skunk and he had it destroyed. I really hated that because the skunk was almost like a pet to me.

My second close encounter with a skunk happened several years ago. I had gone across the road to visit my Grandparents and by the time I left their house, it was starting to get dark. Just as I stepped onto the road, a skunk came waddling out of the field in front of my house. We both stopped in the middle of the road and just stood there for a moment staring at each other. I carefully eased around the skunk and began walking quickly up my long driveway. When I looked back, the skunk was following right behind me. I picked up my pace and hurried on up to my house. Once I was safely inside, I looked out the window and saw the skunk walking around in the front yard. It hung around for a while, then it finally left and I have not seen it anymore.


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