How to Promote Your Book for Free

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Now I will tell you right now, that if you are not fully committed to spending as much time as possible in the day-to-day promotion and marketing of your book, then stop reading.  To promote for free means that instead of spending a lot of money, you will be dedicated to spending a lot of time to get your book out there and in the hands of people who want to read it.

Come up with a networking list and plan to talk your book up to everyone get them to allow you to speak at their event or to their organization.  Always have plenty of books available for people who want to buy it.  Always be willing to speak for free, after all you are selling your book.

Also bring your “Elevator Speech” with you.  This should be a very brief, interesting description of your book that people can relate to and are interested in finding out more about.  Don’t bore people away.

Be prepared to answer the following questions from people, interviews, and groups.

1)      What sets your book apart from books with the same titles or similar subjects?

2)      What makes your book the most memorable?

3)      What is the most interesting or unusual thing about your book?

4)      What are the biggest benefits your readers will get from reading your book?

5)      What is the first response usually received when you tell people about your book?

Convince people about how your book can help them or answer a common question they have.  People will want some sort of connection to your book, not only so they want to read it, but also are willing to part with their money to do so.  If they do not see any benefits from buying your book, they won’t.

Come up with a marketing plan.  Reference marketing books and marketing focused websites to learn about the multiple ways you can actively market your book.  Utilize at least five different marketing exercises every day.

In conclusion, the more time you spend investing in the promotion of your book, the higher your sales will be.


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