Quest of the Christmas Spirit

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Make life more beautiful, be good even if it isn’t Christmas season.

Make it happen – Life is giving us limitless potential to search for improvement. We are blessed with the intellect to sort it over before taking our every nap. Conceptualization takes time, work needs effort. Work needs no napping.

Earth therefore is – There’s no other place reserved for us out there. The possibilities out there were hypothetical and too expensive. Earth therefore is our only home and a small endeavor every day to keep her well counts.

Rest in the hands of your loved ones – Your family were the best persons who could see your gentlest among imperfections. Always search for ideals to make them enjoy life more.

Reading cheers and heals – I claim books as my mentor, my teacher. It’s one of my driving forces.

Yes to praises – All men need sweetness in their life. That is what helps them go on. The one who’s happy to move on is addicted to praises and so, why not give your praises received away.

Consider others’ feelings- Man is true hard-headed and big-hearted, a truly rare combination, and a thrilling one as defined. Believe very deeply, every human being is essentially good. Remember that the first task of doing good is to avoid doing bad.

Hope helps best – If you think you have taken the heaviest burdens in the world upon your shoulders; also think that there is something about you that is lighter than air.

Relax your mind – Taking the awful comings and goings too seriously makes us feel the force of a powerful intellect directed toward a deep problem. Taking those not too seriously determines us not to be defeated by it.

Imagine things constructively- Imagination never gets sick enough to conceive how things could be put to use. Imagination never gets sick enough to conceive how to make good things go wrong. A man of wisdom thinks about causes and effects, but always forgets that effects, too, are causes.

Stop wanting for more- Sometimes, we let go of what we have in the hope of getting something better but in the process we lose even what we could have sure of having…

Take the trek – Constantly move forward. A no-choice principle is the dumbest approach. You can never decide not to decide.

Manner makes looks more pleasing – The values you want to defend and work out were the ones you want to pass on. The characters you want to be known for were the ones you want them to be called when they’re way just like your age. How you look at yourself right now mirrors your children.

A hand to lend – As for me, having the great man laugh, suddenly made me feel buoyed by a wave of unreasonable happiness. Some people just don’t realize that being so giving is an undefined gift intended not for everybody.

Sense of merriment – Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things! Yell at me if you disagree…

Maligayang Pasko sa Inyong Lahat!

A Merry Christmas To All!



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