How to Reach Publishing Success with Your EBook

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Since the Internet is overly flooded with Ebooks, it is vitally important to write about a subject that people want to know about and that the information they read is NEW and not just a summary of what they have been reading about for years.  It is essential that you do this because if you don’t and you disappoint your readers, you have sabotaged future books you want to write, as well as your credibility as an author.

Before you begin to write a book, you should read a multitude of books, including books you are interested in and others that you close before the 1st chapter ends.  Make notes on each book of how the author either kept you turning the pages or how they were able to disinterest you so much. 

Your completed book must be quality written material seeking a specific audience type.  Your book should serve a purpose like presenting answers to a general problem or audience need.  A clear, strong marketing plan should be thought up to successfully sale your book after publication.

Have you planned your book?  Is there an outline already in place?  Most successful books start out with a plan that has a specific subject.  Each chapter should be written about a different aspect of the problem or the need you are addressing to your audience.  In other words, make each chapter a stepping-stone to reaching your conclusion that solves the problem to the readers.

After writing your book, revise it at least three times.  If the writing process becomes overwhelming, you can find many resources in books and writer’s groups that help you to become accustomed and even love the writing process to complete your book.  Once your book/ EBook is complete and revised, take it to a writer’s group or an editor (if you know one) and have them critique and proofread your manuscript.

Now that you should have the input of at least a couple of people, take their comments and ideas to a final revision on your manuscript.  Now that this is complete, STOP.  A common problem in book writing is knowing when to stop tweaking it.

Now figure out how much your book is really worth.  How much are the words worth?  Take into consideration that your material is new, interesting and then figure out how much time and effort it took to write the book.  Now price the book according to these factors.  Your price should convey the book value, neither too high nor too low.  Now you can put it up for sale on your website.

Your marketing plan should include a brilliant press release, a powerful sales pitch and benefits your audience gets when they purchase your book.


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