Guidelines to visit Mangalore,India

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Western and US tourists should take care not to confuse this city with Bangalore, though their names are similar sounding. Note the Indian Silicon Valley of Bangalore starts with a clear B while this town of Mangalore, an attractive destination, starts with a good nasal M.

Location. Mangalore city is situated about 360 Km away from Bangalore. It has an excellent beach, fronting the Arabian Sea.

Reaching Mangalore.

By Air

Mangalore has an airport and flights of Indian Airlines and Jet Airways regularly operate to it. Some other flights by Air Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines also operate to Mangalore. Apart from being connected to all the airports in the state of Karnataka, it is also accessible from many cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and Kolkata.

By Railways

Mangalore has a big railway station and is well connected to all major cities of India. There are trains operating to Mangalore from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. It is also easily accessible from the southern state of Kerala. Train network between Mangalore and cities of Karnataka is quite good.

By Road

Mangalore is one of the big cities of Karnataka state. It is well connected by road to all major parts of Karnataka. State Highway 48 and 17 pass through Mangalore and connects it to cities like Bangalore and Mysore. Several KSRTC buses and private coaches ply between the Mangalore and other major cities of the state.

Local Transportation

Auto rickshaws can be considered as the major transportation facility in Mangalore. You can also get taxis and buses.

Situated along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Mangalore has a lot to offer to the visitors, both local and foreign. The city is home to the famous Mangaladevi Temple, Kadri Temple and Lord Krishna Temple. Also, with a long coastline, Mangalore offers true scope for adventure as well as leisure activities for an excellent holiday.

Historical background

Mangalore was once a major port during the rule of Hyder Ali. With mountains on one side and sea on the other, Mangalore is a naturally gifted city. The city is inhabited by people of different religions. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains etc live here in perfect harmony and this also provides added diversity to the cultural profile of the city. Mangalore has a few of the oldest temples and monuments in Karnataka. And it also is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. This allows a visitor to get an idea of the past while the visions of an oncoming modern future metropolis can be had while it is in the making.

If your have planned for some holiday shopping, go for it in Mangalore. It is an export hub for coffee and cashew nuts. You can buy here excellent coffee and cashew nuts. It is also a nice place to shop for the famous Karnataka silks and garments.


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