Steps to becoming a successful person

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Steps to becoming a successful person

By Mr. Ghaz, January 3, 2009

Steps to becoming a successful person

Generally when we think about our success, we will automatically think about the material wealth; something that we have wanted a long time but then, this is only a part of success. In other words, we need first to know the greater meaning of success. Here are some simple techniques on how you can achieve the real success in your life faster then ever.

Don’t fear the consequences

Whether it’s choosing between new cars versus a bigger house, or even who to marry, almost every decision we make entails predicting the future. We imagine how our choices will make us feel, and we usually go for the option we think will make us the happiest.

The problem with this sort of “affective forecasting” is that we aren’t very good at it. The major factor leading us to make bad prediction is “loss aversion” – the belief that a loss will hurt more than a corresponding gain will please. Always remember that whatever the future holds, it will probably hurt or please you less than you imagine.

Go with your gut

While it’s tempting to think that good decisions require time, sometimes an instinctive choice is just as good, if not better. Researchers found that we make judgments about a person’s competence, trustworthiness, aggressiveness, like ability and attractiveness within the first hundred million seconds of seeing a new face.

The market found that observers hardly revised their views; they only became more confident in their snap decisions. It stands to reason that extra information can help you make rational decisions. Yet paradoxically, sometimes the more information you have, the better off you may be going with your instincts.

Consider your emotions

You might think that emotions are the enemy of decision making, but in fact they are integral to it. Whenever you make up your mind, your limbic system – the brain’s emotional centre – is active. The researchers has studied people with damage to only the emotional parts of their brains, and found that they were unable to make basic choices about what to wear or eat.

However, making choices under the influence of an emotion can seriously affect the outcome. All emotions affect our thinking and motivation, so it may be best to avoid making important decisions under their influence. In fact many studies show that depressed people have the most realistic take on the world.

Have someone else choose

We tend to believe we will be happier making our decisions. Yet, no matter the outcome, the process of making a decision can sometimes leave us feeling dissatisfied. Then, it may be better to relinquish control.

Most of the cases, the choosers could not give themselves credit even if they ended up with a good option, yet still felt burdened by the thought that they might not have chosen the best alternative. Even when choosers had a little information – though not enough to feel responsible for the outcome – they felt no happier choosing than being chosen for.

Limit your options

More choice makes more demands on your information – processing skills, and the process can be confusing and time – consuming. Greater choice also increases the chances of making a mistake, so you feel less satisfied because of a fear that you have missed a better opportunity.

Instead of searching for your ideal camera, ask a friend if he is happy with his. If he is, it probably does for you too. Even in situations when a choice seems far too important to simply satisfied, try to limit the number of options you consider.

Success in life not simple

Always remember that the success in life is not simple as science and mathematics that has a formula. Sometimes, you cannot even compute its chances and possibilities. The stage of success may vary depending on the individual status. By following to the above secret of success factors, it’s may help you to achieve the great success in your life.


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