How to have a show that can earn you money on youtube

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You can earn revenue on youtube nowadays with your videos. Youtube is a wonderful site that enabled anyone to earn revenue if they have a good channel. You can have your own channel on youtube. You will need a really clarifying camera in order to get accepted into the program. They have such a high traffic website that it’s worth the risk. It’s not hard to get accepted if you have a good camera that is clarifying and a good topic that will generate a lot of views. It’s all about page views there. They want to be able to have a lot of page views on youtube. If you don’t have the page views, they won’t accept you. You have to fall within a certain parameters in order to get accepted. Your channel has to have at least several hundred thousands pageviews in order to get accepted into their program but I heard the cpm is very low too. I guess it’s hard to earn anywhere unless you own the website. However, if you have a high tech camera and people that can do show with you then you got yourself something on youtube.

You do have to apply into their ads program in order to get accepted. Not everyone will get accepted. You have to have appropriate content that is high in quality. You have to pick a topic that everyone will follow and then make videos from it. For example, “what the buck” is a very successful show on youtube. It’s a comedy type of talk show about celebrities. You have Michael Buckly making fun of all of the celebrities. Yes, it can be that entertaining. Many people subscribe to him and he makes a decent income per year.

First, you have to have a type of topic that people will love. Generally, people love comedy and they love celebrities so if you combine the two, they will love it. People will watch things that are new, refreshing and interesting. If you have one of those topics then you might get rich someday on youtube. Next, you will need a good camera. One of your phone or photo digital camera won’t do. They’re too low in quality. You will need a high quality professional camera and then you can get started on your videos. You can also use different kind of lighting to make it better. Lighting is everything and it can be poor if you don’t use it properly. Next, you will need to use props for your videos. They should always be professional and they have to belong to you. They can’t be shown if they have a logo on it because you might be infringing upon someone’s copyright in a commercial video. You should also sign release form if you use actors. Most of the time, you can use your family to help you out. You don’t really have to use actors. Michael Buckly did it all by himself and it works. You should remember that when it comes to videos on youtube, people are looking for something entertaining.


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