Keeping Your Home Safe

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Crime happens. It does not matter where you live or your background. As a society, we feel that crime is someone’s problem and we are immune. However, steps can be taken to minimize your risk.

  • Minimize the trees and shrubbery surrounding your home since it can block windows and doors and stop neighbors from viewing who is trying to enter your home.
  • For vacations or extended hospital stays, stop the mail from coming to the house by contacting your post office and have a neighbor pick up the mail every few days to keep it from piling up. Also, have a neighbor remove any garbage cans from the curb.
  • Leave the radio on medium sound when leaving for the evening since it sounds like someone is home and it may prevent a burglar from entering your home.
  • Invest in a timer. It can be set for s specific time and remain on until you come back in the evening. Speak with family/friends who have similar timers for comparisons. Also, the police station may have ideas for purchasing timers to prevent crime. 
  • Keep your door and windows locked. It does not matter if you live in a high crime area or not. Think about it..A high crime area is monitored more since the police is already on high alert. Small towns and cities experience crime.
  • If you stay home by yourself multiple times a week (your spouse/roommate may travel extensively), a good idea is to record the sounds of a barking dog and have the tape near the door. If a stranger knocks and you sense danger, turn on the barking dog sound which should make the criminal think twice about his/her motives.
  • If possible, invest in a home security system, speak with the company representative about features and costs. Review the terms of the agreement carefully and consider the overall costs compared to the security you and your family will feel.

     If you are a victim of a break-in, contact the police and answer all questions honestly, Make a list of any missing/damage items and take pictures for your insurance representative. It may take time to recover your items or receive part of your insurance claim so the sooner you cooperate the better.


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