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Social network sites really help writers bring more traffic to their articles. However, some are great while other just won’t work. You will spend more time promoting it but people don’t even come back. Since I’ve used a lot of these, I can tell which one is worth your time. I’ve use sites like Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Fark, Stumpleupon, Digg, youtube and Delicious. Even though there are as much as thirty social networking sites out there, I found that these are the best out of all of them. The rest of them never work for me. I tried bebo, mixx, or jumptags but they don’t work that well. If you’re looking to promote, you should only spend time with the best so that you can get results without wasting time and energy. Even though social network brings you traffic but its temporary, it dies off after a week or so and you have to depend on search engines to bring you new traffic.

I will list the number one social network based on my traffic. The number one social network based on traffic returning for me is Stumpleupon even though Digg and Twitter are very good too. However, Twitter traffic is more short term and Digg is a bit lesser than Stumpleupon. The second place is Digg because people keep coming back for old articles so it’s helpful to a writer. It’s a longer lasting site comparing to Yahoo Buzz. Twitter is great and you can bring a lot of traffic back if you retweet but it’s only for one day. I’ve not had traffic that are older than two days from Twitter which can be a bummer. Yahoo Buzz can bring traffic to your website but only for one day then no one ever comes back.

Delicious is another site that I have but I’ve never had anyone coming back from delicious so I guess it’s not really is a good site even though it’s available. Youtube is also another site to promote but they’re a longer lasting kind of promotion. You get your names out there but it doesn’t mean that you will get traffic right away. If you promote enough, people just might know you from there. I find that referral from other blogs work really well too if they have a link from you. However, it’s tough to get referral. Bebo, mix, or jumptags do not work that well for me. I haven’t got any serious traffic from them. I recommend using stumpleupon, twitter, dig if you want more traffic to your site. You can always retweet too which is very helpful if you earn page views from your articles.


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