Dogs and their Abilities

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I had come accross with an article which talks about how dogs bark. Well, I have my own anecdote on the subject. When it comes into dogs, I am very particular of how to tame them and train them in order to be part of the household living things. Dogs are nice creatures that could make our day blissful. They could even teach us the value of humility and prudence at times when we treat them nice. In addition, dogs are also wise that they could always remember their masters. I had proven that so many times. In fact, news and scoops would tell us that there are lost dogs that went home after years of being astray.

Why do we need to care for our dogs? Of course, dogs could give us safety while at home. The term “watchdog” was born out of the guardianship qualities that dogs could provide. In some cases, burglars or thieves could get into a house, but when a dog barks, the scenario will be different. The owners of the house will be alarmed and burglars will retreat. The anecdote that I want to share about our dog named Ice is different. One time, we were busy reading books and magazines. Ice came near to us, occasionally showing her good manners because I am preparing my handkerchief to lash her in times of naughtyness. We kept on reading, and reading, unti we noticed Ice drinking water from the floor despite the fact that we did not give her water beforehand. To our horror, we ran to the kitchen and checked the lavatory. We found out that the faucet was not closed and water found its way to the whole kitchen, to the sala, and to the bedroom! If not for Ice, we would not know that the water is going to fill the whole apartment floor. Thanks to our dog, we will able to prevent the destruction the water could give to our books, magazines, and other materials found in the floor.


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