Finding the eight wonder of the world – Norway

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Finding the eight wonder of the world – Norway

By Mr. Ghaz, January 3, 2009

Finding the eight wonder of the world – Norway

When you visit the Kingdom of Norway, you enter a country famed beauty. Marvel at dramatic fjords, glaciers, mountains, salmon – filled rivers, fertile hillsides, unspoilt coastal regions, sandy beaches and farmlands dotted with romantic mountain cabins.

This is the land of the Midnight Sun, a mountainous country which stretches one thousand seven hundred kilometers around the northernmost tip of Europe. A third of Norway lies north of the Arctic Circle. From mid – May through to the end of July, the sun is visible twenty four hours a day in northern regions.

This is also the place to view the northern lights, or aurora borealis. Come between November and February to see solar particles flicker in dramatic colors in the dark winter skies. This magical display amazes.

Outdoor paradise

If you love the outdoors, Norway is for you. It offers a range of activities for all tastes such as swim, fish, canoe, sail, bike, hike or golf. Take a ferry to an outlying island and chill. Come in the winter for fantastic skiing.

For the city experience, head to Oslo, Norway’s capital largest city, and the seat of its royal family. Enjoy great museums, a thriving nightlife, a café culture and trendy boutiques. This prosperous thousand-year-old metropolis is also where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year.

If you seek refuge from the urban hustle and bustle, take the subway to the forest, lakes and hiking trails just outside central Oslo.

An hour’s flight west is Bergen, Norway’s 13th century capital and second – largest city. If you have more time on your hands, travel there on the Bergensbanen railway, the highest mainline railway line in Europe. It takes you thousand two hundreds meters above sea level through stunning plateaus, rivers and mountains at parts.

Spread over seven mountains, Bergen was founded in 1070 as a commercial hub. It was long a major center for fishing and shipping. Soak in the atmosphere at this artistic and historically rich city marked by pastel wooden houses, winding cobblestone streets and framed by mountains and water.

Spectacular fjords

Stay in western Norway to visit some of the most beautiful fjords in the world. These are long, narrow inlets where the sea snakes inland between mountains or towering cliffs, and often breathtaking views. Norway has thousand of them – the longest is Sognefjord, two hundred and four kilometers long.

There are many ways to experience the fjords. Go on luxury cruise liner, boat or kayak, rafts in the rivers, cycling along hidden roads or climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy the view.

For culture, journey into Norway’s Viking past, on which still influence this country’s present identity. Visit a rustic stave church, a fortress or one of the many museum exhibitions to learn about these seafaring warriors who conquered significant parts of Europe more than thousand years ago.

Beyond the traditions, you will find a modern, dynamic society where people, technology and culture combine to create a forward – thinking way of life. Norway is one of Europe wealthiest countries. Its per capita income and standard of living are among the world highest.

The best place to visit

Wherever you go, Norway offers exquisite dining. Fish features prominently. Try cured salmon, fresh crab and shrimp. Feast on lye fish, and dried white fish. For meat eaters, there’s the chance to experience reindeer, moose, red deer and grouse. Sample the semi – soft brown goat cheese. Add fresh potatoes and Norwegian sauerkraut to your dishes for a wholesome and satisfying meal.

These are some amazing stories about Norway and the best place to visit for your next vacation.


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