Make Diaper Wipes From Scratch – Fast and Easy

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This is by far once of the easiest things you can do as a parent to save money and protect the beautiful skin on your baby.  If you follow these steps, in no-time at all you’ll have this method down to a science and will be cranking your wipes out in under 15 minutes

I am forced to do this because …

A) I’m stingy as all get out and it’s bad enough I have to shell out money for diapers
B) My daughter has very sensitive skin. Most commercial baby wipes give her a terrible rash and irritate her skin.

c) My recipe, a longtime tradition in my family (over 1 year now. snark) is useful for cleaning other things as well. Not just stinky butts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Some rolls of papertowel- (blank, singleply, quilted is nice though, noscents or oils added) I prefer the Walmart brand, but Bounty Basic paper towels work well also.

*A container- should be large enough to hold half the roll of paper towel. Walmart sells general plastic containers with screw lids perfect for this. Just make sure whatever container you get will seal tightly. Note the picture I’ve included. This container is the best because it about the same size as a towel roll. Too small and the wipes wont come out easy. Too large and the roll expands and falls around in the container.

*Tea tree oil- available in most health stores, some pharmacies may carry it.

*Dropper or small syringe for use with the Tea Tree oil. Set this dropper aside and DO NOT use it for anything else, especially for cooking. TeaTree oil is very strong and will transfer odor and taste. Discard or save the syringe to use specifically for making these wipes. Label it so it’s not used by accident.

*Your choice of body lotion- I use vanilla oatmeal baby body wash

*Sharp knife, with a straight blade. NON-serrated.

If you’ve got all the items gathered, you’re good to go. You’re probably wondering about the tea-tree oil and what it’s for. Tea-tree oil helps control the growth of bacteria and yeast. Not only is it safe and healthy for baby skin, but it will also prevent your wipes from molding or mildewing in your container. Plus it smells nice (im lying, it smells awful at first but you get used to it)

Let me say that Tea Tree oil isn’t a requirement. Ideally, you could put whatever you like into the formula for cleansing your baby’s skin. This is simply the recipe I use.

First things first, take a pan of water and put at least 2 cups of water in. Bring it to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add approx 2 tablespoons of your selected lotion or baby body wash into the boiling water. Next add 1 to 2 drops of TeaTree oil.
 No more than two drops, it’s very strong. Stir the water until the lotion/body wash is completely dissolved and remove from heat. While the water is cooling at room temperature, take a roll of paper towel and lay it longways in front of you on the counter. Using a large, sharp knife (NOT serrated) cut the roll in half using a consistent sawing motion. It might take you a bit to cut through it, just be careful not to tear the paper up too much. Cut the roll in such a manner that you end up with what looks like two over-sized rolls of toilet paper.

Next, using your finger, carefully tear the paper from the cardboard tube in the middle. Be patient, as it takes a few minutes to do it without shredding the inside. This is important, because you’ll be pulling the wipes from the center, working outward. Once you remove the cardboard tube, discard it and pull some of the papertowel out from the center just a little to get it started while its still dry.

Take your half-roll of paper towel and, if necessary, squeeze it a little to fit it into the container (it’s not Charmin, go ahead and squeeze it).

Now measure your water out. Using a large measuring cup, measure out 1 and 3/4 cups from your solution that you made. It shouldn’t be too hot when you add it, as water that is near boiling can warp your plastic container. Do not let it cool to much however, as the lotions you added will begin to settle and solidify. It may take you a few times till you have the temperature right. I look at it as “if it’s no longer steaming, and it hasn’t turned to soup, im good”. I’d say aim for about 130 degree, no less.

Pour the solution into the container and close the lid. Give the papertowel time to soak it all up. No need to shake it or evenly pour it over the towel. Dumping it in is fine. The papertowel will absorb all the way through. Once the wipes are cooled off, you’re good to go.

The container is a little more bulky than a standard pouch of wipes but lasts much longer so it is a lot easier on the pocket book. My wife and I have been doing this now for at least a year with our daughter. Diaper rash is now so rare we’re actually pretty shocked when we see it on
 our daughter, and the wipes can be used for other things around the house since they’re papertowel. They also flush quiet easily if need be.

I’ve had people ask me about the wipes tearing. That’s the most common question. The only time I have issues is when the roll is almost gone. Kind hard to get at the last little bit of wipes. I just usually pull out the last dozen or so and use them for household stuff and make a new roll. The last dozen or so tear a bit easier. 2-ply papertowel is bad for tearing because the layers can and will seperate. I recently bought a Bounty Basic brand papertowel that is quilted and it’s working great. The quilting of the towel actually helps clean better. Regular wipes and papertowels kinda slide around a bit, these ones grab nicely.

Papertowel may seem rough also, but once you add the lotions and oil, plus water, they aren’t at all. With my daughter’s sensative skin, I couldn’t get away with anything rough.

Feel free to ask questions, of course, I’m always willing to help. I love sharing this recipe. Ive had so many people say “Oh my god, why didn’t I think of that?”. Now you can start doing this, and you’ll have other people asking you the same question.

Who’s the popular daddy now? oooooh giggity.


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