Belgium – The Amazing Dream Destination

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Belgium – The Amazing Dream Destination

By Mr. Ghaz, January 3, 2009

Belgium – The Amazing Dream Destination

Belgium is allocated at the heart of Europe and among the front runners of attractive countries in Europe for foreign visitors with most unique destinations known for its amazing culture, architecture, food and diversity. Belgium greets you with energy, fun and warmth. The past, present and future exist together and Belgium has splendid natural contrasts.

Fascinating Place to Visit

Brussels : Begin your visit in Brussels, Belgium’s capital city and also the capital of Europe. Fifty years ago, Belgium was one of the founding members of what is today the European Union and Brussels the seats of European policy – making. It also home to the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The capital’s stunning backdrop of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, cathedrals, palaces and cosmopolitan multiculturalism frames its international outlook.

Antwerp: The medieval art cities of Antwerp Bruges and Ghent are in Flanders, the Flemish – speaking northern region; its scenic countryside is marked by rolling plains dotted with castles and churches. Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port, is home to the renowned painter Peter Paul Rubens. The Royal Museum of Art has one of his finest collections.

Other attractions include a five hundred years old diamond industry as well as excellent shopping, bars and nightlife.

Bruges: A good way to see its distinctive 13th and 14th century architecture is my boat. Museums showcase paintings by Jan van Eyck, Marcel and Hans Memling. Explore the fine, historic buildings of Ghent by boat or bicycle.

Liege: The major city in the southern French – speaking region of Wallonia is also Belgium’s food capital. It’s the place for mussels and chips, Ardennes sausages and its world – famous waffles and chocolates. Complement your meal in ant of these cities with one of the seven hundred local beers. Dunant has the Gothic church of Notre – Dame and Tourna is Belgium second – oldest city, dating back to Roman times.

The Wallonia’s Ardennes region has forests, lakes, streams and fascinating caves. Visit the Amble Valley and the grottoes in the Fond.

Belgium the best Fascinating Destination

Belgium also has seventy kilometers of beaches for swimming, sailing and fishing. A sophisticated personality permeates this country, but Belgium is equally proud of more modest national heroes like Hercules the detective and Hedge. Other famous fictional Belgians include Smurfs, who celebrate their 50th birthday this year.

Belgium is a welcoming and easy place to live. Foreigners find their feet easily in our country and outside the business environment; the quality of life is vibrant and friendly.


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