Turn your routine intimacy into more exciting intimacy

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True intimacy does not require planning or creative thinking. All it takes is the love you already have for your partner. There is a formula and theat is to take your everyday routine act of intimacy, and add a little more passion and love to it.Here are just a few suggestions on how to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Any act that has become routine and seem to be predictable should be looked over and to see how it can be turned into something exciting for the two of you.One thing to remember is to find things that are pleasurable for the both of you. Just because it may seem great when you think of doing it, but don’t become discouraged if by doing certain things you don’t get the response you wanted. If this does happen just take time to think of something else.

Step 1

Slow down what might be a hurried , mutaul activity and add more touching. If you give goodbye hugs on a daily basis as a routine, make it a little longer and tighter. This makes it a little more affecionate.

Step 2

Add to any encounter with a long , long look into the other’s eyes. Let your eyes shine. When you gaze into someones eyes you are showing them that they have your undivided attention. Besides that eye contact increases intimacy.

Step 3

Do something playfully sexual where it is least expected. But not emabarrassing. When your shopping or running errands giving a little tap on the behind is unexpected and playful.Even subtly blowing a kiss can be done in public at the right time. Keep it simple and nothing that will embarass either of you.

Step 4

Do something sweet in public that you never did or said before. If you are not the hand holding type, one day unexpectedly when you two are out try it. Unexpectedly gently grab her hand and see what type of reaction you receive. If this is something she is into, then you have just made her day.It doesn’t have to be anything way out, but something that will remind her of the playful side you have.

Step 5

Remind your partner about a special , heartfelt or funny moment you two have shared. As you are sharing this special moment face each other and hold hands or hug as you mention exciting moments. By rekindling these events this will definately bring you two closer together.


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