Demand For Cruise Holidays On The Rise

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Demand For Cruise Holidays On The Rise

By Mr. Ghaz, January 3, 2009

Demand For Cruise Holidays On The Rise

Demand for Cruise holidays is also on the rise. Almost half of respondents said they might take a cruise in the next six to twelve months. A cruise holiday is an attractive option for a broad spectrum of holidaymakers.

Fly – Cruise Packages

Cruising is hassle – free means of visiting more than one destination on a single trip without the inconvenience of packing, unpacking and having rush to airports.

People are opting for longer cruises of three or more nights and seek more adventure and more exotic destinations through fly – cruise packages, like flying to Hong Kong and Taiwan and cruising on ships there.

The travel industry is paying increasing attention to the needs of Muslims travelers. More airlines are providing “halal” in – flight meals, for example.

Likewise, various tourism boards are making the effort to attract Muslim travelers, to their respective countries and more halal restaurants can be found in places like Beijing, Seoul and even Hong Kong and Taipei.

Growing Demand for Cruise Holidays

By looking ahead, the industry points to the growing demands for cruise holidays related breaks as well as niche travel like holiday tourism and expeditionary adventures.

Mostly, travelers do not wish to have a packed itinerary where they have to wake up morning and makes short stops at many places of interest. They prefer to see lesser, but more important sights, and to have time to do things on their own too.

Nowadays, the travelers love to do it on their own, especially on finding the cruise holiday package. They have found a lot of useful information and offers on cruise holiday by searching in the internet.

Travelers are also convenient to travel independently, so they can manage their own travel itinerary, be flexible and see things at their own pace. However, some times the travel agents are still having an important role to play when the holiday involves complicate itineraries with various stopovers.

Cruise Package Holidays

The cruise package holidays find favour with old travelers, with people going to exotic destinations for the first time or to places where the mother tongue is not spoken. In such wonderful places, travelers are still happy for a tour operator to show them all, as included in the cruise package holiday’s offers.


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