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Let us enjoy some of the emerging music search engines, these mp3 music search engines are not so big or popular, but they will have some very very interesting characteristics, or the bright lights, worth music lovers to have a try.

BeeMp3 is a music search engine. Its search results include artist, album, and source of the music, and the music genre, length, frequency and bit rate. Their classification is very simple, and you can choose all, the artist, song name or album title. In addition, there is a related ringtone download in each search result.

Mixturtle is a very good music search engine, providing online listening, sharing resources, creating playlists, and other characteristics of services that have attracted lots of users.

TinySong has a simple smooth Ajax interface. Users can enter a song, artist, album name, and so on to carry out search and the search results will be displayed real-time. Click on your favorite songs, and then you can get a shortened address to achieve the song.

Songza is a totally new music online search engine. It provides online music search, and playing operation on the internet. Here you can find your favorite music and create playlists.

Blippr is a new online multimedia search engine, at the beta testing phase. It is said to be created by a couple. A lot of social functions are added to try to change the traditional way of search. They mainly provide music, movies, games, books and other multimedia search contents that make it easy for you to recommend, share or organize your favorite multimedia content. And you can briefly comment and rate the music.

Pandora is one of the lead music recommendation sites. The core function of site is playing similar style songs based on users’ preferences. It uses “music genome project” to analyze user’s data, and to infer what songs the user may like.

Last.fm introduces the concept of web 2.0 on the basis of Pandora. Entering song, artist or album name, the system will find a matched music. In addition to these basic functions, it also provides a SNS, making friends, blogs and other services. Last.fm has the function of writing music commentary, generating pieces, publishing the song list to their own blog, and Fans Mission, thematic music magazine subscriptions, etc., and it is a perfect music SNS community. It becomes a bridge between fans, artists and record companies, and is the popular music leader.

Grooveshark is an online music search, audition and storage sites. Different from other online music search engine, Grooveshark provides music by itself, and not from third-party network. This means it must have huge music library data. In addition, you can also upload your own music, but must guarantee there are no copyright issues, and when there are other users to download your music, you will get 50% of income.

The Hype Machine is a special site, devoted to tracking music resources in blogs to make visitors to find better music or new artists. Every day, countless music is posted on many kinds of blogs and most of them are very popular. Speculation of a MP3 in a blog, it will include the link to the hype machine, so that users can directly listen to that music in their Flash Players. So the hype machine featured tracks are hot on the blogs.

Dorble is a free MP3 search engine, and you can listen to songs online, or download songs. The largest characteristic of Dorble is to recommend a number of popular albums on their homepage, and use the magnificent Cover Flow effect. In addition, the online music player also has a beautiful interface. It is a very good MP3 search engine.

iLike has set its most important function as “discovering new music”. Music lovers download and install the plug-in, and then their own listening records will be automatically uploaded to the server, and to form their own music files. As a new site, the largest characteristic of iLike is to have a lot of underground music available for free downloading and listening to, just like the mode of iTunes and iPod.

Qtrax is a P2P file-sharing site, and it is also the world’s first free and legal P2P file-sharing site. Now, the file-sharing service of Qtrax has been supported by four major record companies, including EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Into its homepage, you can see its directory catalogs have 25 million songs available for download. Just imagine, even if the legal P2P is free to download, if there are only a few hundred songs, it will still be meaningless. And you can also upload your music.

SkreemR is an MP3 audio file search engine. Here, you can enter the MP3 audio song title, album, artist and music categories to search. You can also choose the rate and length of the audio to carry out advanced search. Obviously, this is the use of MP3 IDE value on the MP3 files to crawl on the internet and gives results. The search results can be shared to Facebook. At the same time, the search result related contents in Youtube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Flickr and other popular sites are given.

SeeqPod is a new search engine. It is mainly committed to search multimedia entertainment contents, and you can watch, listen to or share your search results real time. You can also sign up for free or submit your site, and then SeeqPod will automatically crawl the multimedia content of your site. If your blog or website has many kinds of video, audio or multimedia content such as games, you can try to submit, and perhaps you can get some traffic to your site.

TuneSpotting is a very interesting music search engine. You can use the keyboard to play music to search, and if you have sufficient music knowledge, you can also write down the notes directly to search accurately. And you can also hear different melody in their music database.


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