Paid URL shorten services, worth it or not

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There are several free URL shorten services, but what I want to talk about are the paid ones. That don’t mean you pay them. You get paid by sending the shortened links and help them to promote their website. I have joined some of them and I will introduce them to you. You make the decision, worth it or not.

1. Ucashin

I got no impression from that site, although it was the first site I joined. I think there were some bugs at that time. So I gave up it and turned to other sites. When I check it today, I found it has changed its homepage and I can’t login with my username. I don’t know whether it becomes better or worse. You can have a try if you like.

2. Usercash

It is another one that I don’t like. I even don’t join it because I don’t like its homepage. Someone says you can use it with Shareapic or Sharedimage, such kind of paid to image services. Someone says it has been blocked by most of the forums. Anyway, I am not a member of it and also the paid rate is low which can’t attract my interest.

3. Linkbucks

Its impression is not stable. You can hardly get most of the click be counted. I tried and gave up. It really has a very nice homepage and paid rate, but it means nothing. I don’t know whether the situation is the same for other people, because lots of people still recommend it. At least, it doesn’t suit for everyone.

4. Linkbee

This is the one I am using now, with consistent impression, real time increase of the earnings. And the paid rate is acceptable, which you can check in its homepage. You can get your payment when you reach $25 by paypal. I don’t know whether it really pays, because I have not reached the payment. But at least until now, it is the best to have a try.

5. Adjix

The first thing I must mention is only U.S. people can get paid. So I will not say more about it. It looks good, and simple, and with some nice tools, but I am not a U.S. person.

Now you know what is the situation for the so-called “URL forwarding where you get paid”, “bring money to your links”. You can decide whether it worth a try.

For the update of paid URL shorten services, have a look at my newly published article here (update July 18, 2009).


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