Gift Ideas for Her: The Perfect Presents for the Special Lady in Your Life

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Looking for gifts to buy that special lady in your life but have no clue where to start? Look no further, here are some great suggestions that will earn you brownie points for a long time come, well at least until Valentines Day. 

The obvious is Diamonds; diamond earrings will be a big hit. Diamonds last forever, and they are a girls best friend. Imagine your lady sitting on the couch by the Christmas tree and she opens a box with diamond earrings you will get the best surprise face (try to get it on camera) and along with that comes the biggest hug and kiss. 

Next get her some sexy lingerie some thing you like (and that she will like). This will defiantly set the mood for that night. The anticipation that will be building threw out the day will keep the mood alive! 

Do you know what her favorite candy is? Buy her a lot of it and put it in an over sized box so she won’t be able to guess it (and maybe add some rocks to the bottom if it won’t smash the candy). If you aren’t sure what her favorite kind is, buy her a mixed box of chocolate and other types of candy you have seen her eat. 

Don’t forget about the flowers. A dozen red roses is always a hit. Go way out of your way, and remember her favorite flowers, what ever they might be, and get her a few dozen of those to surprise her. She will be happy you remembered.
It’s a known fact girls love shoes! Get her shoe size and buy her a pair. Look in her closet for what she has and what she likes. Don’t forget to check out if she has several of a certain brand. Don’t buy her heels if she doesn’t have any and so on. Get an idea of the style of shoes she likes and then go to the shoe store and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Women love to take pictures. They like to have a memory of all sort of events so buy her a digital camera. This will allow her to take the perfect picture. Don’t forget to buy the extra memory card (so she doesn’t run out of space). Be prepared to help her will it and even

 read the instruction manual (this will really impress her) to get her started. Then help her up load the pictures and use the program. Make sure you are ready to pose for pictures and be her guinea pig she is going to want to try it out for many days to come, and capture images of ‘the greatest guy in the world’ (that would be you for buying it for her). 

All women love massages so why not get her an electric massager of some kind. A Chair massager would give her the chance to get a massage when ever she wanted and this would be a great gift. On a cheaper scale there is the hand held massager. This one will require you to give her a massage (which may lead to other things). The only down side is that she will have to wait for you to be around to get a massage. Be prepared, she will want a massage at least everyday for the first week or so. 

Another good idea is to buy her a package at a local day spa. A day to get pampered is a great gift. Make sure in your package you buy for her, it includes a manicure and pedicure. Then the next important one is a massage. It really doesn’t matter what kind, but a massage is a necessity. After that it would definitely be a facial. Then what ever you want to add to the package or that comes with it 

Jewelry is definitely the most popular choice for gifts. To follow this trend a locket would be a good gift. Make sure you pay attention to if she wears yellow or white gold and get one accordingly. You could put a picture of you on one side, but leave the other side for her to put something important to her in, and don’t expect it to be about you. Make sure you do put something in the locket though for her to open and see. 

Following the jewelry pattern, any thing with the past, present, and future diamond setting is a sure thing. Whether a necklace or a ring they will mean a lot to her. Follow it with a corny (but romantic) speech about how your past with her is unforgettable; the present is what you live for and how a future without her in it is unimaginable. 

No matter which gift or gifts you chose they are sure to be a hit and score major brownie points. Now start planning how you will top this for Valentines Day. Good luck!


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